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Concert Series Details

  • A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank.
  • All patrons are expected to maintain social distancing at all times and in all situations unless in the company of people from within their same household or vehicle.
  • Once out of the vehicle all guests must wear a cloth facial covering and maintain 6ft. social distancing.

*For more information about the rules for attending Meadowbrook Music Fest or to get answers to frequently asked questions, please see the information provided at the bottom of this page. 

No refunds – No exceptions – No 3rd arty tickets are accepted 





September 23rd, 2:30 PM

Non-Jovi & Infinity Project

September 23rd, 6:30 PM

Infinity Project

September 23rd, 6:30 PM

No Quarter – Honoring The Led Zeppelin Legacy

September 24th, 2:30 PM & 6:30 PM (2 Shows)

The ABBAgraphs

September 25th, 2:30 PM

Janis Lives

September 25th, 6:30 PM

Outshined & Jar Of Flies

September 26th, 2:30 PM

Washed In Black

September 26th, 6:30 PM


Can I bring my pickup truck or SUV to the drive-in concert?

No, at this time oversize vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUVs, RVs, and trailers are not permitted.

Can I bring children to the concert?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your family in order to get the full value of your ticket.

How many people can I bring in my vehicle?

You can bring as many people as you can legally fit inside your vehicle.

Can park anywhere I want?

No, all parking is first come first serve and is assigned by the price you paid per ticket.

Can I tailgate outside of my vehicle during the show?

No tailgating is allowed unless you purchased a Supreme ticket or Premium ticket and we are in phase 3 of the WA safe start plan.

Can I go to the restroom with multiple people?

No, only one person per vehicle can leave to use the restroom unless accompanying a child.

Do I have to wear a facial covering inside my vehicle?

No, you only need to wear a cloth facial covering or face shield when leaving your vehicle for any reason.

Will I be able to drink alcohol inside my vehicle during the concert?

No, personal distribution and/or consumption of alcohol is not allowed while inside Sammamish State park per WA state law (WAC 352-32-210) – Please do NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, EVER.

Can I smoke Marijuana inside my vehicle?

No, recreational use of cannabis is prohibited anywhere within Sammimish state park. Please do not drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, EVER.

Can I use my ticket for multiple shows?

No, each ticket is good for the one performance you have selected.

How early can I arrive for the concert?

Gates will open 90 minutes before the show & will be closed 15 minutes past showtime. No one will be allowed in after that. No refunds will be granted if you are late.

Can I bring two vehicles if I only buy one ticket?

No, only one vehicle is permitted to enter per each ticket purchased.

Can I drive away to get food during the concert?

No, you may only exit if you have an emergency. If this happens, turn on your high beams and notify an event official.

Can I smoke cigarettes inside or outside my vehicle?

No, Sammamish state park is a smoke-free park.

Can I bring my dog or cat to the concert?

Sure, be sure to also keep them on a leash outside your vehicle and to clean up any related animal waste.


Additional Drive-In Rules

The following items and activities are prohibited at this event:

  • Advertising, selling or promoting any third party product (including, but not limited to, food and beverage items)
  • Grills or fryers
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Generators
  • Kerosene lamps or open flames of any kind
  • Laser pointers
  • Littering
  • Tents, stand umbrellas, and tarps
  • Use of drones

In general, we expect patrons to be on their best behavior within the state park. This will ensure that the families attending the park for non-event purposes remain undisturbed as they enjoy the playground, beach, and other amenities.


Patrons who violate the aforesaid rules, or act against the general guidelines will be asked to leave the park. Certain offenses are prosecutable up to incarceration if in violation of state or federal law. 

No refunds – No exceptions – No 3rd arty tickets are accepted 

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