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What is talent buying agency?

A talent buying agency is a company or group of companies that books or hires entertainers, celebrities and bands for events and concerts.

What is talent buying?

Talent buying is the process of exchanging currency for an entertaining performance or appearance. The exchange often happens between a talent buyer and an artists agent or representation.

Will the artist do a meet and greet?

Yes, nearly 100% of the time we are able to get a small M+G approved. These are usually meant to be short grip and grin situation with quick photo op. Sometimes, a band, celebrity, DJ, or Magician will agree to a more involved experience. It all depends on the offer, the relationship and the request. 

Can you cancel my event if the weather is bad and refund our money?

It is uncommon to receive a refund for the show due to inclement weather, unless the venue and talent buyer are unable to find a mutually agreeable date to reschedule. Pro tip: During contract negotiations be sure the inclement weather clause is enforced in the city of the performance (where your venue is), not the city where the band is coming from. 

How often will you be providing talent?

That depends on your objectives. We specialize in booking entire entertainment programs. The more consistent your entertainment is, the more of a following your venue will have. And it will be important to have a customer base if you want to generate revenue, not just break even.

What will the act need from us?

If you are going to hire national touring bands, comedians and TV personalities, the venue will need to provide a PA, stage, lighting rig and labor. You will also need sound and lighting consoles. If you do not own these assets, the production costs can add up. It is important to negotiate the type of gear ahead of time, that way you know your true expenses when scaling ticket prices.

Do you have any interactive entertainment?

Seattle Entertainment Group Specializes in unique and immersive themed events. The crazier the idea, the more likely we are to try and make it work. To compete in the current entertainment marketplace you have to innovate. When it comes to talent buying and event building, we welcome creative inspiration.

Can you share an entertainers information with me?

No, we cherish the artists privacy and we honor their requests. Likewise, we will not share our clients private information.

Is there anywhere you won’t book talent?

No! We book talent everywhere in the U.S. We also book talent in Canada and internationally.

Can you ask a celebrity entertainer to alter or convert their production?

Yes, depending on the act you can customize duration, content and more. Sometimes, you get to create a show and build it around the celebrity appearance. The artists agent and talent buyer typically negotiate those details.

Who handles all the day of show logistics?

Seattle Entertainment Group will work with your property to designate an onsite logistics coordinator. Some agreements include an onsite representative, and some do not. This will ultimately depend on what your venue needs.

Am I responsible for the copyrights of the tribute shows I book?

Absolutely not, Seattle Entertainment Group handles the copyrights and legal requirements are handled prior to the engagement. Your venue is still required to pay all ASCAP and BMI licensing fees.

What is an entertainment company?

An entertainment company can be anything from a solo street artist playing harmonica, to a multinational public conglomerate that produces national and international film, TV or music. You don’t have to be Live Nation to be an entertainment company. 

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