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Native American Owned & Operated

Seattle Entertainment Group is a Native American owned and operated talent buying agency for casinos. As a Native American Entertainment Company, we help casinos book talent while maximizing ROI and achieving gaming objectives. Over the last half-decade, we have planned, produced, and executed hundreds of events on and off of sovereign land.

Seattle Entertainment Group is fully understands gaming terminology and is familiar with the latest patron data software like Tableau and Salesforce. Our ability to evaluate quantifiable data and interpret it, is part of the secret to our success.

Indian casinos and gaming in general are forever evolving. If your casino entertainment buyer only ever talks about “the drop”, then it may be time to find a new entertainment group. To unfamiliar casino talent buyers, common gaming phrases like average daily theoretical win or ADT, are a foreign language.

Talent Strategies to Attract & Retain Customers

Concerts and musical performances are meant to draw people into your property so they can enjoy your amenities. If your casino talent buyer doesn’t understand what it takes to make your property appear special within the market, you will lose your ticket holder to another venue. And if you can’t attract new patrons or reward your current ones properly, you will certainly lose slot players as well.

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We Understand Your Key Objectives

Are you looking for the right talent-buying agency for your casino? Our Native American Entertainment company is in a class of its own. We have worked tirelessly to maintain our venue’s reputation by taking care of the artist first. Yes, we agree the casino entertainment buyer is crucial to the tribal gaming industry. We also agree that if you are a casino entertainment buyer but have never held a gaming license, you probably do not fully understand any of your property’s key objectives.


Multiple TERO Certifications

We pride ourselves in being the most innovative Native American Entertainment company nationwide. We are owned and operated by the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest. We are the only Native American Entertainment Company to hold multiple TERO certifications and we are aggressively pursuing more. Seattle Entertainment Group has more relationships with talent, agencies and venues than any other Native American Entertainment Company.


Benefits of working with Seattle Entertainment Group

  • We focus on building sustainable entertainment programs, not our bottom line
  • Our core business objectives, ethics, and beliefs align with all of Indian country
  • We are members of the Native American Talent Buyers Network
  • Our LLC is TERO certified and a Native American Entertainment Company

Hire us to maximize your ROI for casino entertainment events

We empirically analyze ROI and understand its relation to gauging profit. We also know how to stimulate real incremental gaming revenue, add time-on-device, and change gaming behavior.

At Seattle Entertainment Group, we understand the intricacies of the tribal gaming industry and the complex processes/procedures that govern it. Additionally, our passion comes from the joy of building profitable and sustainable entertainment programs for tribal casinos and tribal governments. 

Can you really quantify my entertainment budget?

Of course! You shouldn’t feel like the cost of your entire entertainment program is an expense or loss. A small fraction of what it takes to operate your venue will be an expense, the rest should be profit or reinvestment.

What bands or celebrities will make my VIPs want to stay and gamble?

Every property has its own pulse, or vibe if you will. Sometimes you have to spend hours on the floor, interacting with guests and employees to figure out what appeals to the core demographic. It is not uncommon to have spent days, weeks or even months canvassing a property to execute a proper program analysis. We are the only Native American Owned Entertainment Company that understands the importance of providing such in-depth research.

Does buying talent for more than one property give you preference with agencies?

Not necessarily. In most cases, the venue (or wherever the offer money comes from) has the most pull. The middlemen, or the agents and talent buyers who bring the deal together are just filler. The venue (the decision-makers) and the agent (the product/act) are the two largest components of any entertainment deal. And it is important to remember that not every act will work well in every room. 

Frequently, more time is wasted going back and forth waiting for the talent buyer and booking agent than it’s worth. You may save $10,000 but you’ll often lose $15,000 in tickets ales due to lost on sale time. When it works there is some benefit.

Do tribal casinos pay more than non tribal casinos for National act?

Tribal casinos that work together will pay less if you are routing the dates properly. A string of 5 or 10 dates across multiple tribal properties is extremely beneficial for a national touring headliner’s agent. Seattle Entertainment Group works with multiple properties and other talent buyers to get the price lower by adding on more dates. 

Why do all tribal casinos seem to have the same entertainment?

Part of the reason you see recycled acts so frequently is due to the limited acts available that appeal to the older more valuable gaming crowed. As groups like the Beach Boys and Smokey Robinson start to age out, your property or talent buyer is going to have to get more creative. If your properties core demo if 60 years and older, you will have an even more challenging time filling seats in the next five years.

Do you buy talent for tribal and non tribal casinos?

Yes, we source entertainment for festivals, fairs, theatres and cruise ships.If you have the space and we can help fill it with entertainment.

Should my casino be selling more seats than we comp?

The short answer is yes, but this can depend on your entertainment buyer or management’s strategy. Pro tip: always sell 85% or more of your venue’s tickets, and always follow best practices to avoid your entertainment program becoming a lost leader.

Can you book the same acts as non Native entertainment companies?

 Yes, Native entertainment companies have the same exact resources and talent agencies to work with. Major agencies like UTA have been providing Comedians and musicians for Native owned companies for over two decades.

Is your entertainment company really native owned?

Yes, we are Native owned and operated. Our PNW regional family history dates back to the beginning of creation. We are The People Of The Moon.

What kinds of celebrity or national entertainment can you get us?

We do business with all of the major talent agencies, industry insiders and management companies. The size of your act will reflect the size of your budget.

What all does your company do when you book a national act for a casino?

We handle everything. Anything from negotiating price, executing the contract, advancing the show details, which usually includes securing specialized labor, lighting, security, sound equipment catering, transportation and lodging. We can be as involved as little or as much as you would like.

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