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Summer Festival at Snoqualmie Casino
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Entertainment for Festivals & Fairs

Seattle Entertainment Group understands that talent buying and artist relations are synonymous.

We especially believe this to be true if you are the premiere tribal talent buying agency for festivals and fairs.

Our approach to putting the artist first not only sets us apart from the other talent agencies, but it also helps our entertainment group stay top of mind when the artist relations team is working with your favorite band.

If there are competing offers, we know the band will choose to work the talent buyer or venue they had the best experience with previously.

SEG specializes in selecting and organizing unique and profitable entertainment programs for festivals and fairs. Our programming is one of a kind and the most creative you can find.

We can book your entire festival lineup, or offer to consult throughout the entire festival process.

VIP Skybox for festival at Snoqualmie Casino
Vendors for festival at Snoqualmie Casino

Famous Bands We Book

Some of our favorite festival acts include groups like Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience, Profits of Rage, Uncle Cracker, The Isley Brothers, Kool, and The Gang, Wynonna, Darius Rucker, and Morris Day. Submit your request for an available artist list through our contact page.

How to work with us

If you are looking to hire a band for a festival or fair take the next step and call our talent-buying agency first. We offer a no-charge entertainment program analysis and typically have results within a week. Email us to schedule your hassle-free festival talent-buying consultation.

After we outline your requirements and discuss your talent buying needs, we can provide pricing and scope of work document for a single event or an annual exclusive agreement for recurring events.

We believe in the power of networking, especially with native entities and native communities.

We’re a local Talent buying agency with national and international momentum. Our team and vendors work together seamlessly and all of our production partners have a good reputation in Indian Country.

It Takes a Professional to Run A Smooth Festival

If you want to run a smooth festival, you will need some help. A lot of help. And we are not just talking about stage labor either. You are going to need someone to help organize permits, equipment, operations, security, entertainment, marketing, ticketing, and more. That is the shortlist of course. To start you may just want to think of. a theme and research potential investors. After all, if you are going to do anything substantial, the talent fees could be as much as $1 million.

The upside of running a profitable festival is worth the trouble and expense, however. A successful festival can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in profit. This is especially true if you are selling merch, filling sponsorships, and marketing the secondary spending opportunities properly.

6 Steps to Being a Festival Talent Buyer

Do you want to buy talent for festivals? Look Below & See What it takes.

Below are six of the most important things you must-do if you want to be a buyer and operate a successful talent buying agency:

  1. Research, understand, and have in-depth knowledge of the music scene in their market
  2. Negotiate performance fees and contracts
  3. Execute contracts and pay the artist
  4. Develop, maintain and quantify annual budgets
  5. Sift through and reply to hundreds or even thousands of emails a week
  6. Maintain accurate performance calendars

6 Steps to organizing your own festival

We buy talent from all of the major talent agencies, and have entertainment solutions for venues that need any of the following:

  • Pick a theme, cause & marketing strategy
  • Secure a location
  • Find Sponsors to offset expenses
  • Hire the entertainment
  • Clean up your garbage
  • Pay the vendors

Technical services we offer

  • Providing talent such as; musicians, live DJs, comedians TV personalities, vegas acts and magicians
  • Production Management
  • In house ticketing – we can help you eliminate expensive ticketmaster contracts
  • Train PoS staff and Box Office personnel
  • Stationary and mobile stages
  • Specialized labor for concerts and private events
  • Hospitality management and rider fulfilment
  • Entertainment Program analysis
  • Entire entertainment programs
  • Audio Video design
  • Lighting and Audio mixing console rentals

Mobile & Easy-To-Use Festival Staging

What Can Make It More Expensive?

When you have multiple venues or a network of talent buyers who use similar gear, the cost of renting equipment goes down. The cost also significantly decreases if you know the fair market value and operate above board as an entertainment buyer.

Pro Tip: If your talent buyer is sourcing production services for your venue but is not requesting multiple bids, you are probably paying inflated prices. For most entertainment programs a 5-10% markup is to be expected when paying someone to provide production management services, and if you have the right talent-buying agency you’ll be saving up to 50% by not getting ripped off.

Aside from savings, many properties want outside help with production for recurring events because of stability and consistency. It is also easier for a director or entertainment manager to manage.

Our production planning allows you to sleep at night and offers the artists/talent agencies peace of mind. Our least experienced team member has over 11 years of technical production planning and onsite coordination.



We work with Edgewater Resources and our partners mentioned below to develop site plans for live entertainment in marinas, casino resorts, public parks, potential festival sites, and more.

We owe some of our success to our favorite production partners:

R90 Lighting

R90 Lighting is a full-service lighting design company

At R90 Lighting, we believe that every event should be a unique and memorable experience. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life with our lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking to create a spectacular concert experience or set the stage for a corporate event, we have the expertise, equipment, and creativity to make it happen.

Website: r90lighting.com/ 
Tel: (833) 943 – 8548
Email: kevin.r@r90lighting.com 

Accesso ticketing

Currently, Accesso employs over 500 team members around the globe. Many of our staff come from backgrounds working within the industries we serve. In this way, we are experienced operators who run a technology company serving attractions operators, versus a technology company that happens to serve the market.

Website: https://www.accesso.com/ 
Tel: (559) 432-7379
Email: wendi.yanez@accesso.com


Agility AVL

A full service labor, production and backline company

Agility has the ability to provide incredible experiences using audio video, lighting and other special effects. We have used Agility as an exclusive production partner for concerts, amphitheatre/venue builds and private events. You can see their complete list of services by clicking on their link below:

Website: agilityavl.com
Tel: 702-444-0557
4005 W. Reno Ave, Suite D
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Back Stage Electric

BackStage Electric is a family owned and operated mobile staging and electrical service company. Since 1990, they have provided mobile stage solutions, labor and mastery electrician services for thousands of  outdoor events throughout the country. They are fully licensed, bonded and insured. BackStage Electric services Seattle, Spokane, Kennewick, Pasco, Yakima, Portland, Las Angles, San Francisco, Hood River, Redding, Medford, Pendleton, Boise, Billings and more.

Website: backstageelectric.com
Tel: (509)930-0280    
Email: bseinc@hotmail.com


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