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We help select, locate and hire the celebrity you want to book

Are you looking to hire a celebrity for an exclusive private event? Seattle Entertainment Group is your full-service talent buying agency for private events. We hire famous bands, celebrities, chefs, actors and DJs for private parties and events. When it comes to private event entertainment, we are the most creative.

Create An Unforgettable Experience

Our talent buying agency has enhanced brands, and introduced many new products for a variety of companies through special entertainment. We don’t just hire a celebrity for your event, we create and enhance your attendees experience. Hiring the right keynote speaker, comedian or celebrity is the best way to drive awareness or increase donations at your charitable event.

Bret Michaels at Casino
Midnight Masquerade Party at Snoqualmie Casino

Famous Artists and Bands our talent buying agency has worked with

We’ve worked with hundreds of famous entertainers, DJs, comedians, vocalists and touring bands.

The best time to hire a celebrity for your event is now, thousands of offset actors and A list celebrities are waiting for their agents phone call. With the influx of new emerging talent like social media influencers and youtube superstars like #imomsohard we are seeing more options and competitive pricing than ever.

We are slo seeing package deals at a huge discount just to get artist touring/working again. Alternatively, there are some bands like Bret Michales, Roger Hodgson,  Darius Rucker, Luke Combs, CCR, STP and RATT who tour regularly.

There are also bands and celebrities who only perform selectively. Overall, there’s an abundance of talent to choose from. You need the right talent buying agency to help you decipher the over saturation.

Hire An Experienced Professional

The financial impact of not hiring a professional:

Example 1 – Inflated Talent fee for experienced talent buyer with low integrity

$20,000 x 1 show a year for a 3 year guarantee = $60,000

Example 2 – Talent fee for inexperienced talent buying agency

$15,000 x 1 show a year for a 3 year guarantee = $45,000

Example 3 – Negotiated talent fee for experienced talent buyer

$11,250 x 1 show a year for a 3 year guarantee = $33,750

How to hire a musician for your event

If you are not working with a talent buying agency to hire a celebrity for your event, you are making a mistake. Sure there are varying opinions about whether the talent buyer should be in house or third party, but that is another topic. Essentially the person who makes the deal with the agent is the talent buyer. In the examples below, you can see the savings and the steps to hire famous bands for your private party, annual gala or corporate function.

The important steps to hiring a musician or celebrity for your private event:

  1. Decide on a celebrity or famous band 
  2. Locate primary management team or agency 
  3. Navigate west coast/east coast rep madness to find responsible agent
  4. Review artist rider/demands 
  5. Outline deal points 
  6. Create an offer sheet 
  7. Submit offer
  8. Wait and hope the agent likes you enough to make a deal

The outline above is a shortlist guide for reference. Seattle Entertainment Group recommends you consult with a professional, or hire a trained professional to buy talent for your private event internally. The cost could be financially devastating.

How Long Does it Take to hire a celebrity?

The most time consuming part of booking famous artists and bands is the time spent communicating with their agent. No that does not mean you will be spending hours on the phone with Tom Cruise’s manager. It does mean you may have to wait days, weeks or even months to hire a celebrity or famous band for your private event entertainment. This also means the lower quality talent buying agency, will likely be less patient and potentially walk away from good deals. Sometimes the idea of walking away is fitting, most of the time the distraction is caused by a lack of patience.

We embrace negotiations and tactfully articulate our counter offers at Seattle Entertainment Group. Obviously, The more time we have to massage a deal, the better. We can also work quickly within reason. It takes the average agent 2-4 weeks to confirm an engagement. That is a lot of time! Our goal is to mediate expectations, and find the best possible act for your private event.

Call us now to avoid missing the best time to hire a celebrity. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to outshine the competition, impress the client, or treat the Microsoft team to donuts with Will Ferrell. 

Midnight in Paris – New Years Eve at Snoqualmie Casino

Questions to Ask When Hiring Entertainment

If you are thinking about hiring a famous band for your private event, consider the following:

  • What are your key objectives?
  • Event specifics like budget, showtime, day of month, month of the year. 
  • Do you have a venue?
  • Will you need additional production support such as; backline, lighting sound or video?
  • Is the famous celebrity  you’re interested even touring? One off dates can be costly.
  • Who is handling the logistics i.e. manifests, rooming lists, meal and hospitality?
  • Do you have enough time to hire a celebrity for your event? 
Midnight Masquerade Party at Snoqualmie Casino

Full service Talent booking services

The world of unethical talent buying agencies exists. Luckily, with our full service talent booking services, you have honest resources. The only way to gauge the success of a talent buying agency is by the results they generate. If the results aren’t changing then it is probably time for a new talent buyer for your private events. The most meaningful benefit of hiring Seattle Entertainment Group isn’t just our ability to help you avoid significant financial loss, it is our ability to foster meaningful friendships through maintaining transparency and a high level of ethics across all business dealings.

How expensive is it to hire a live music band?

You can hire a live music band to play for as little as $500 or as much as $250,000 or more. The more demand there is for the band the more expensive the price will be.

How much does it cost to hire a band for a party?

The price depends on the popularity of the band, performance duration, event location and the accommodations for travel and hospitality. Mostly the true cost will depend on your budget.

Who do I speak with if I wanna hire a celebrity?

The only way to hire a celebrity and not over pay is to work with a talent buyer, or talent buying agency. Working with an artists agent without the right experience or guidance could be costly.

Which celebrity would cost the most to hire for a concert?

On July 10th 2019 Forbes revealed that That Taylor Swift was the highest paid celebrity entertainer per show at $265,000,000. Followed by Klie Jenner at $244,000,000 and Kanye West at $215,000,000.

How much does it cost to hire a celebrity chef?

On the low end a good celebrity chef will cost you 20k to book. From there, the sky’s the limit. Extremely well known celebrity chefs like Emeril will cost you $100,000 or more.

How to hire a celebrity chef for wedding?

To hire a celebrity chef you have to negotiate a price and performance date with their responsible agent. Celebrity chef can be pricey, be prepared to pay a premium for an appearance. If done right, the value and impact on your event will be immeasurable.

How to hire a celebrity spokesperson?

 The best way to hire a celebrity spokesperson, is to work with a talent buyer and the celebrities agent. They will guide you through the process and execute the contacts quickly.

How much does it cost to hire a celebrity singer?

The cost varies, most household names or hundreds of thousands of dollars. To put it in perspective, Big and Rich will cost between 75K and 100K depending on routing.

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