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Organization, Tools, And Resources.

At SEG, we believe that strong organizational skills are a requirement if you want to maximize ROI when buying talent for casinos. Being organized impacts deals on the front end and on the back end when executing or analyzing the event. Additionally, staying organized will help your production partners, booking agents, vendors, and external partners work more efficiently.

Whether you are a talent buying agency for a casino, a vendor, a limo driver, or an entertainment manager, we have the organizational tools you need to execute a smooth concert or event and maximize ROI.

Remember, the secret to receiving the best service as a client or partner is being organized yourself. Even small things like getting your backline rental secured first can make a difference in a competitive market. Being organized ensures that your requests are being serviced first because they are being received first.

Something as simple as having a proper merch worksheet for the shows you are expected to provide a merch seller will increase your ROI. There is no guarantee that the tour will provide a merch seller, let alone a sufficient paper trail for your revenue audit team.

Having access to a proper merch worksheet when you need it, is enough to add thousands of dollars to your program’s bottom line and prevent any regulatory violations. And nowadays, you are seeing VIP packages sold at the box office and at the merch table, so it pays to be prepared throughout the entire process including the merch split. If you think selling buttons and t-shirts is easy, try settling 100 shows on tour with a pen and paper.

We know how much revenue auditors appreciate seeing our merch summary after each concert.


Additional SEG Worksheets

Some more SEG client tools and perks below:

  • Pro Formas
  • Percentage Deal Templates
  • Merch Templates
  • P+L Worksheets
  • Day Of Show Sheets
  • Labor Request Sheets
  • Budget Worksheets
  • Transportation Manifests
  • Scaling Tools
  • In-Depth Offer Sheets
  • Calendar Worksheets
  • And More


In the examples below, we are attempting to demonstrate the power leveraging proven settlement methods and consistent systems to increase efficiencies and ROI. (Actual results may vary).

Some of these assumptions are meant to reflect the worst-case scenario – meaning you’re responsible for inventorying and selling all of the items for almost every show referenced.

To put this into scale, some tours have over 100 unique merch items for sale and want you to accept all forms of payment. We are also assuming that having a consistent tool like the resource we provide helps the seller stay organized.

In the example below, we looked at a six month summary of merch sales. We assumed the venue holds a negotiated average of 25% of the gross net sales and that no other shows had merch to sell.

Example A

Shows how a merch seller might perform over 6 months without the proper resources to sell, inventory and reconcile.

  • More Shows
  • Higher Sales
  • Split of $48,875
Tony Orlando at Snoqualmie Casino

Example B

Shows the performance of a merch seller who is prepared with a consistent set of tools and defined processes.

  • 3 Less shows
  • Higher Sales
  • Split of $52,673
  • Found Money $3,798
Tony Orlando at Snoqualmie Casino


Finding $4,000 may not seem like a big deal, but found money over the course of several years makes a difference. Using the right tools and proven strategies to maintain minimal loss will always maximize ROI. As part of our process, you gain instant access to these tools as one of the many benefits of working with SEG.

Our talent buying agency strives to offer more to each client than any other Native American Entertainment Company or casino entertainment buyer.

Remember: Talent buyers are not always concert planners, but when they are you save more, spend less, and maximize your ROI for each event.



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