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  1. Casino buyers are essential for success for all tribal casinos & non-tribal gaming venues
  2. There are more than one type of casino buyer

Are you trying to answer the age-old question: What is a casino buyer? Look no further. After reviewing the results of hundreds of Google search inquiries we have assembled all of the answers to the most commonly asked casino buyer questions. We know this list of information isn’t exactly all-encompassing, but it will yield more information than the average casino buyer job description or similar casino buyer job listing on the first page of Google currently.

What type of people are good casino buyers?

Casino Buyers are extremely detail-oriented, self-motivated, and have the ability to respond quickly in a fast-moving and ever-changing conditions. They also have high integrity and remarkable problem-solving skills with a bias for speed.

In general, a typical day in the life of a casino buyer might include:

  • Evaluating competitors, manufacturers, and suppliers to determine both the value and grade of their products
  • Negotiating new and current long-term contracts with vendors for the best pricing 
  • Reviewing the quality of in-bound shipments to ensure products are up to brand expectations 
  • Visiting trade shows and conferences, seminars, and summits to learn about new ideas products, services, suppliers’ markets, and trends
  • Buying and returning products or purchased items


Casino Buyer Q & A


Does tribal council approve who is the casino buyer?

It is uncommon for the tribal council to be involved in the hiring or firing of any casino employee (including marketing and warehouse buyers). Sometimes tribal council will oversee the hiring process for the talent buyer though. Most of the time it is left up to the casino’s executive team to make the decision. Of course, all tribes and casinos do have their own ways of bringing on new talent. 

Does the CEO hire a casino buyer?

Usually, the CEO and marketing director hire the casino talent buyer. For marketing and warehouse buyers, those interviews are conducted by the departments that opened the req.

Do I need to go to school to be a casino buyer?

Not necessarily. Marketing and warehouse buyers often get trained on the job. To be a casino talent buyer, you will need extensive on the job experience, or some type of formal education.

Can I hire more than one casino buyer at a time?

Yes, most properties have at least 3 buyers. Generally, there will be multiple marketing and warehouse buyers, but only one entertainment or talent buyer for the concert venue.

Will a casino buyer fix my ticketing issues?

A marketing or warehouse casino buyer generally has nothing to do with concert/event ticketing. A good casino talent buyer may have a background in ticketing. That is likely to be your only chance at ticketing advice from a casino buyer. 

How much does a casino buyer get paid?

The pay range per type of buyer varies greatly. A warehouse buyer pay range is $43k – 55k, a media buyer pay range is $70k – $155k, and a casino buyer for entertainment is paid $100k – 235k.

What skills do I need to be a buyer?

Most successful buyers have effective written, verbal, and presentation communication skills. They are also strong negotiators.

Is a casino buyer the same as a casino purchaser?

 It depends. Sometimes a casino buyer is also called a purchaser but not always. Every casino is different.

Are there different types of casino buyers?

Yes, most properties have 2 or 3 different types of casino buyers. A normal team would consist of 1 warehouse buyer or purchaser, 1 media-marketing buyer, and 1 talent or entertainment buyer.  


The casino buyer is a key position. Having the ability to prioritize responsibilities to meet customer and company needs is a requirement for anyone pursuing a buying career. Nearly all casino buyers are quick learners, which means they are always improving company functions and driving results within their department. To properly function as a casino buyer it is important to remember that you will need excellent customer service skills, above-average presentation/communication skills, and exceptional analytical and organizational abilities. 

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