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March 14, 2020

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Ticketing is the lynchpin in every concert organization

No matter what, you are going to need more than a talent buyer and a venue to sell a ticket or attempt to be profitable as a concert venue.

Remember, if you’re not operationally sound, your gaming crowd isn’t going to buy into your entertainment program and they’ll likely find another spot to watch Piff the Magic Dragon. 

These are the top three reasons your tribal casino should bring tickeing in-house.

Mellissa Etheridge at Snoqualmie Casino

1. You protect fans

There are several ways you protect your patrons while migrating your ticketing systems in-house.

With the right combination of support from companies like Foria your casino can control resell markets, offer a robust ticket wallet and re-enforce a no fraud culture.

Owning and controlling your own patron database of ticket patrons and sellers is the most powerful resource at your disposal when it comes to using cloud-based ticketing to maximize ROI.

Protecting your fans and controlling their data is the number one way to increase revenue within any entertainment program. 

Pro Tip:

Always use a ticketing platform that allows you to retain 100% of the customer facing ticketing fees. If your talent buyer suggests otherwise, get a second opinion and consult a professional.

2. You create multiple streams of revenue.

If you want to measure a venu’s success, take a look at its gross ticket sales.

Today, we live in a world where high demand meets high retail ticket prices, extremely high resale prices, extraordinarily high ticket fees, and even higher expectations from the patron. With the help of Foria and their versatile ticketing wallet, you can exceed the patrons expectations while making additional profit off of 3rd party resellers.

Controlling the resale market by working with 3rd party resellers means you get to add to your profits and prevent the possibility of fraudulent transactions with Foria and their proprietary ticketing technology. 

Foria for casinos

3. You control the guest service experience.

It is never a good idea to let another entity represent your company; you run the risk of compromising your brand’s values and potentially ruining your reputation.

In order to maintain a moderate level of quality and a decent level of attention to detail, you must take complete ownership of the services and products your property or venue has to offer.

This kind of strategy starts at the front lines with your ticketing experience and ends at the on-property reception when guests are arriving at your resort for a concert. 

Your customer service for online ticketing needs to match the level of service you are proving at the box office.

Additional ways you control guest experience while managing ticketing in-house

Aside from the direct interaction with your guests on a regular basis, there are plenty of additional benefits and key elements to embrace when migrating ticketing in-house.

Below are 5 more important pieces of information for you and your tribal casino to consider before deciding to manage your own ticketing:

  1. You will be able to lower the operations expense, therefore the venue has more money to invest or buy more talent with
  2. You will be able to control patron data and prevent it from being sold to competing venues or entities
  3. You will be able to decrease and potentially eliminate exposure to the 3rd party resale market
  4. You will get to decide how much to charge for fees on all of your tickets, including 3rd party tickets 
  5. You will get to control pricing for all tickets in your venue, including 3rd party tickets through Foria


Why more tribal casinos use Etix


Controlling your patron data and experience is one thing, controlling ticket sales on the 3rd party resellers market is another.

In a world where nearly all tickets are sold online, understanding the impacts and leveraging all three are extremely important. Always remember: the benefits of providing in-house ticketing for your casino patron extends beyond a single list of ideas or backlinks outlined in any one  blog post. Adding to your bottom line serves more than your company’s objectives; it serves your local community by introducing new jobs and valuable training opportunities.



When you add or create jobs in Indian country you help sustain an economic engine that practices cultural preservation, community outreach and charitable goodwill. 

Your customer service for online ticketing needs to match the level of service you are proving at the box office.

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