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Booking a celebrity for a private event, corporate event or ticketed performance can be a complex and time consuming task. If you have never hired an A-list entertainer, be prepared to discuss all of the details of your event including, location of event, expected head count, ticket prices, accommodations, duration of event and more.

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Maria Jolina Perez Magdangal-Escueta (Tagalog: [dʒɔˈlinɐ magˈdɐŋɐl ɛsˈkwɛtɐ]; born November 6, 1978[1]) is a Filipina singer, actress, television presenter, and entrepreneur. She is referred to in the Philippines as the Queen of Pinoy Popular Culture (or simply as Pop Icon) and is often regarded as one of the most successful multimedia artists in Philippine entertainment and is penned as the original Multimedia Superstar.[2] Magdangal is also dubbed as the “Queen of the 90s”[3] due to her fame and success on television, in the movies, recording, fashion, and print and commercial advertisements during that decade. She started her career at a young age as a member of Ryan Cayabyab's singing group 14K. In 1994, she signed a recording contract with Walt Disney Records and later released her debut album A Wish Comes True in 1996. She rose to fame as a singer[4] by recording movie theme songs that were non-album releases before finally releasing songs in movie soundtrack albums in the final half of the 1990s,[5] earning her the title as the country's undisputed movie theme song and soundtrack queen.[6] In her home label, she is referred to as Star Music's Queen for setting all-time high record sales, which up to this day has not been surpassed;[7] her self-titled album Jolina (1999) and all-revival-songs On Memory Lane (2000) are among the best-selling albums of all time in the Philippines.[7] In late 1990s to early 2000s, Magdangal also built a reputation[8][a][9] as a successful live performer through concert tours around the islands of the Philippines and in cities around the world. In television, she first gained notice for her performances in the youth-oriented comedy and variety television show Ang TV[13] (1992) before going on to appear in the teen drama series Gimik[14] (1996). Since then, she has starred in various television programs in different genres and became one of the original teleserye leading ladies;[15] her most successful programs include musical-variety in ASAP (1995) and S.O.P.;[16] situational comedy (sitcom) in Richard Loves Lucy (1999) and Arriba, Arriba![17] (2000); talk show/public affairs programs in Unang Hirit[18] and Magandang Buhay[19] (2016); talent search in StarStruck[20] (2003) and Pinoy Idol[21] (2008); drama series in Narito Ang Puso Ko[22] (2003) and FlordeLiza[23] (2015); and pioneering the romantic-comedy genre in Philippine television in Labs Ko Si Babe[24] (1999), followed in I Luv NY (2006), and Adik Sa'Yo (2009). Magdangal is also an occasional film actress and has portrayed roles that became iconic in the Philippine entertainment industry.[25] Her most successful films include Labs Kita... Okey Ka Lang?[26] (1998), Hey Babe![27] (1999), Tunay na Tunay: Gets Mo? Gets Ko![28] (2000), Kung Ikaw Ay Isang Panaginip[29] (2002), and Ouija[30] (2007). Two of her films earned her the citation "Princess of Philippine Movies"[31] by the Box Office Entertainment Awards. Magdangal has received awards and recognitions from the industry and the Philippine government.[32] She was a recipient of the honors Most Popular Singer and Entertainer of the Year by the Box Office Entertainment Awards,[33] Favorite Female Artist by the MTV Pilipinas Music Awards,[34] and Female Recording Artist by the PMPC Star Awards for Music.[35] As an actress, she received nominations from different award-giving bodies and was highly commended in the 2003 Asian Television Awards for her portrayal as the first Aeta lawyer in the Philippines in the drama anthology Magpakailanman.[36] For her outstanding achievements in the entertainment and other fields, she was awarded the Golden Artist Award by the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards (FAMAS) in 2007.[37] Popularity wise, in 2008, Magdangal emerged as the "most preferred personality in the [Philippines]" in a survey conducted by the international cable TV network, CNN.[38] In a similar survey conducted by The Filipino Channel among its subscribers globally, Magdangal was listed among the country's most popular showbiz personalities.[38]

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I need security for my event if I hire a celebrity?

    Yes, the celebrity may require you to hire unarmed police or private esecurity. It depends on the status of the chosen celebrity and the type of event. The artist needs protection and everyone’s reputation is in jeopardy if they are not reasonably protected. Sometimes the celebrity will bring their own bodyguard.

    Will I have to pay for the celebrity’s hotel, travel and food?

    Most of the time the celebrity will expect general food and beverage accommodations for the duration of the event. In more complex bookings, they may want to be fed from the day of arrival to the day of departure. Additionally, hotels and transportation should be provided unless a buyout is included in the offer being submitted before you book a celebrity.

    Will I get my money back after I have hired a celebrity and my event is canceled?

    If your event is canceled sometimes you can receive a refund or a credit toward future or rescheduled performance in the event of a force majeure. Other times the contract has strict cancellation terms that must be adhered to. We help you outline the cancellation terms in the negotiating process. 

    Can I hire a celebrity for an event myself?

    Anyone can hire a celebrity. You will pay more in most cases because an artist can tell if you are not familiar with the process. Always consult with a professional before you book a celebrity yourself. There is a specific process that should be followed.

    Will a celebrity prepare a speech or promote my product at the event?

    The short answer is yes. The celebrity will help promote your product and deliver a speech if that is included in the deal points when we submit the offer. A celebrity may also post the product on their social media. 

    What happens if a celebrity is late to my event?

    Sometimes flights are delayed, it’s the unfortunate part of traveling abroad. As part of the contract process, we help eliminate delays by adding a late-arrival clause that allows you to cancel the performance if an artist is late beyond a certain point. It’s not ideal and it is rarely a concern, but the good news is that you will get your deposit back and you will not be liable for the performer’s final payment.

    Can I pick which songs the celebrity performs at my event?

    You can certainly create a list of songs you want performed. The celebrity will sing or perform all of the chosen songs or as many as reasonably possibly within the appearance time paid for.

    Will a celebrity sing and perform at my private or public event?

    Absolutely, there are some requirements to be aware of if you want a musical performance, however. A celebrity may ask you to fulfill parts of their tour rider, which outlines specific types of equipment needed to execute a live performance.

    Are there any celebrities I cannot hire for my event?

    It depends, some celebrities will avoid certain political affiliations, communities or parties that may be considered a conflict of interest. We will help you determine the potential obstacles before wasting any time.

    Will the celebrity I choose take pictures with my family and friends?

    Yes, the celebrity will take pictures with you and a small group of people assuming you make time for it during their appearance. If you want a celebrity to appear for an hour, set aside 30 minutes of that time for a meet and greet, otherwise the celebrity may not stick around for longer than what’s stated in their contract.

    How much does it cost to hire a celebrity for an event?

    The cost to hire a celebrity can vary from artist to artist. Other determining factors will influence the price as well. The deal points we create on your behalf , the location of your event, and duration of appearance can heavily influence the price of a celebrity booking.

    Can you guarantee the celebrity will be hired for my event?

    In most cases, if the celebrity is available and the offer is strong, we guarantee the chosen celebrity will strongly consider the offer. Sometimes, it makes sense to have a backup plan, however, schedules change and late bookings can be risky. It’s best to have 2-3 celebrities in mind before you start the process, just in case the first is unavailable. 

    When will I have to pay the celebrity to appear at my private or public event?

    Typically an artist will be paid in two separate installments. The first payment is a deposit of 50% which is usually paid thirty to ninety days from the engagement. Sometimes the artist will require a full payment upfront, it depends on the scope of work and the notoriety of the celebrity being considered. The final payment of 50% is paid on the day of the event, unless there is a ticket reconciliation that needs to occur.

    Will the celebrity sign autographs for my team and client?

    Yes, of course. We include signed memorabilia in all of our offers (memorabilia to be provided by the venue or client).

    How long does it take to hire a celebrity for a private or public ticket event?

    It can take as much as three to four months to confirm a celebrity appearance, or two days depending on the deal points, offer and location  of your event. Start the process early – that’s our recommendation. 

    What is the process for hiring a celebrity for a private or ticket event?

    The process includes selecting the artist(s), contacting our agency, then creating deal points to include in an offer sheet. Once you have the details outlined, we can discuss the terms with the artist or manager. After the artist agrees to the deal points, a contract is signed, a deposit is made and the performance will happen before the remaining money is paid to the artist.

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