Four reasons why more tribal casinos are using Etix for cloud-based ticketing.

February 27, 2020

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Here are the top four reasons Etix continues to dominate event ticketing in Indian Country.



How promising is the future of online ticketing?

As the multi-billion-dollar ticketing industry continues to grow, cloud-based ticketing systems like Etix are positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation. They are recognized as the most reliable, user-friendly and customer service-driven ticketing platform in the industry. A casino talent buyer generally is not also a ticketing guru, but at SEG we know exactly how the casino’s ticketing process impacts the customer’s impression. Additionally, we understand that it also has the ability to make or break a tribal casinos reputation. 


1. Streamlined All-in-One Box Office Solutions.

Box Office and Ticketing Solutions

Etix has developed a one-of-a kind, intuitive cloud-based platform that is extremely easy to manage and operate. The company boasts a simple but powerful customer-facing online or kiosk-based buying interface, so for patrons, the buying experience is straightforward and enjoyable. Navigating through a ticket purchase in person or online has never been simpler. In the casino world, time is money; therefore, the more efficient, the better. The casino entertainment buyer has a direct stake in this: Ensuring that customers can easily move through the purchase process results in higher sales and more talent to book in the future.

Etix Analytics and Digital Marketing

With the combined power of the Etix Analytics Dashboard and Google Analytics, you own the data needed to gain insights, track behavior, and influence buying habits. This information is imperative to have as a casino talent buyer. Additionally, Etix Analytics allows you to compare performances and track sales by channel, geo and device, and that will help you both stimulate sales and better understand your patrons’ online activity. Etix also offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions through Rockhouse Partners (an in-house marketing agency) that will create, support or enhance your campaigns through optimization, advertising and email marketing. 

2. Major Expansion.

Earlier this year, Etix announced a corporate merger with Ticketforce, one of the largest independent ticketing companies in the market, building upon the already rapidly growing casino client base. Naturally, this has added to the breadth of the company’s established list of tribal gaming venues and has secured Etix a strong foothold in Indian Country. Today, more tribal casinos trust their sales to Etix’s cloud-based ticketing platform than any other independently-owned ticketing system.

3. Reliable and approachable Customer Service.

Fraud Protection and Ticket Insurance.

Etix prides itself on having the best customer support team in the industry. That pride is the result of organic growth from loyal brand lovers. Etix would not process 50 million tickets a year if their patrons weren’t sharing their pleasurable experiences after buying from their platform. Their platform also includes real-time fraud detection that limits casino patrons’ exposure to financial risk, plus ticket cancellation coverage of up to $15,000 through Allianz. Etix strictly adheres to PCI guidelines and payment security standards. 


What is the additional impact and added benefits?

A casino talent buyer will benefit from the assurance customers have while making more secure purchases. A secure platform will increase conversions, encourage repeat customers and have a lasting impression.


  • Added jobs
  • Sustainability 
  • Customer retention 

4. Patron Data Security.

Do you own your patron data?

Etix understands the intricacies of regulatory compliance and the importance of not selling patron data to third-party vendors. For all you know, companies like TM who sell your data to 3rd party vendors are selling your data to your competitors. Why does this matter? Well, think of how easy it is to outperform your opponent if you know what their next move will be. If your tribal casino has spent the last 20 years building a patron database that you do not even own, you have become the middleman and you’re leaving some serious money on the table for companies like Ticketmaster. The value of patron data has reached an all-time high, which is why companies like Facebook, Ticketmaster and Instagram are among the most profitable entertainment companies in the world. Your tribe should own that data and collect that money, not faceless entities.


Important Takeaways.

While we realize these aren’t the only reasons we’ve seen a recent increase in tribal casinos choosing to use Etix, we believe they are the most notable. Etix gives tribal casinos the ability to control profitability, the guest service experience and market more effectively. Additionally, they help you protect your patron data and use it to its fullest extent. 


Does your Casino talent buyer understand the power of ticketing

As a talent buying agency for casinos, we are also familiar with all aspects of the entertainment sales process. We have explored various ticketing platforms and we have learned what works and what does not. Etix empowers its users both on the customer side and the venue operations side. Migrating to their cloud-based ticketing platform is easy, seamless, profitable and sustainable. 

If your entertainment buyer does not recommend Etix or only talks about ticket scaling, contact us and run.

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