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April 16, 2020

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Are you trying to figure out how to hire a celebrity chef

Hiring a celebrity entertainer for your corporate event, private party or VIP soiree takes time and should be handled by a professional talent buyer, or someone who understands the business of being a talent buyer. The main purpose of hiring any popular chef for an event is to entertain but with a celebrity chef, you also have the ability to increase awareness and foster a deeper relationship with your clients, coworkers or VIPs.

An evening of laughter, food and exciting theatrics is the perfect way to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for any group or individual celebration. Hiring the right celebrity chef for your event isn’t brain surgery, but it is more difficult than baked Alaska and there are some very particular requirements and processes to follow.

That said, we have foraged high and low to provide you with a shortlist of suggested ingredients for a successful event the next time you decide to hire a celebrity chef.

The first step is simple, prepare. When you do the prep work correctly, your hard work is apparent in the final presentation.

At a minimum, you will need a freezer, a fridge, saucepans, a grill, ladles, tongs, Chef’s knives, mixing bowls, spatulas, a range, and a fire extinguisher on or near the performance area.

Also, be mindful of the other various elements needed to facilitate cooking with a live audience such as; seating layout, budget, power requirements, tools, ventilation, event time/day of the year, etc.

Before you create the contract you may also want to decide if you plan to include a pre-show VIP meet and greet.

When it comes to hiring a celebrity chef or entertainer, it will make your life a lot easier if you have the deal points outlined before you sign the agreement.

Celebrity Chef Pricing

The cost of hiring a celebrity chef entertainer can vary widely . See how much you could be paying to hire your favorite chef.

  • A list Celebrity Chef $35,000 +
  • B list Celebrity Chef $10,000 +
  • C list Celebrity Chef $5,000 +

Once you have determined if you have the capacity to produce a live cooking event, you will then need to select the right celebrity chef and create a marketing plan (if you intend to sell tickets or advertise the event). When selling the show, large agencies like WME expect you to do all the marketing and request a detailed marketing plan before the show goes on sale. Obviously, every venue has its own strategy for marketing so I won’t go too much into detail here, but I will say that it is important to have consistent media programming that is based on your core demographics interests and buying habits. It is also imperative you advertise your events early.

Pro Tip:

The sooner you can gauge the sales velocity for your shows the better. Ideally, it is best to start selling tickets for your celebrity chef appearance at least 4-6 months out from the event. Otherwise, you may not be able to pivot and focus your ad dollars on the advertising that is working the best.

According to Eventbrite, people in a relationship are 30% more likely to buy tickets 90 days in advance than singles. Ignoring these kinds of trends or failing to plan around them is hardly marketing effectively and it could have a negative impact on your customer’s first impression, the bottom line, and the entertainer’s performance.

Pre-Show Coordination

Live cooking demonstrations typically attract an older crowd which means a lot of last-minute ticket purchases. Just because your ticket holders are last-minute decision-makers, doesn’t mean you should be while planning the event.

To further assist you we have some additional tips to help you be more successful throughout the process of hiring celebrity chef

One Week From Show

Work with approved sponsors and identify space in the lobby or pre-function brand activations

Verify flight arrival, departure and the day of show venue transfers times 

Confirm hospitality requirements for the chef i.e. hotel reservations and meal arrangements

Create informative handouts with promotional offers, schedule, and recipes for patrons day of show

Send volunteers and participants being videotaped a liability/media release form – also keep on hand

One Day From Show

Review recipes and work with your team internally the night before to help with prep work

Preset linens, dress tables and set up the necessary equipment for any tasting stations

Distribute run on of show to security, staff and stage manager 

Preset and test cooking equipment and power for celebrity chef on stage

Highest demand to hire celebrity chefs:

  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February

The Perfect Ending 

As it gets colder and darker earlier, more people seek comforting foods and a comforting familiar taste. As you probably know, food is personal.

The very thought of our grandma’s apple pie or chicken noodle soup is often enough to make someone drive out of their way to get the right ingredient so they can make their favorite recipe.

In a perfect world, you could summon the celebrity chef of your dreams and they would appear like magic to cook you Aunt Sweet’s favorite fruit cake, but in reality, it doesn’t work like that. Similar to musicians on tour, a celebrity chef will also often have a busy performance schedule.

Also like music or your favorite dish, every celebrity chef has its die-hard fanbase.

Understanding what fans crossover to your target demographic is essential to every event’s success. Connect with us today and we will help walk you through the process of hiring a celebrity chef that your guests will love from the list below:





Name Time periodType Of Chef
Aaron McCargo, Jr.21st CenturyAmerican, BBQ
Aarón Sanchez21st CenturyIntegrative
Aarti Sequeira21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Aarti Sequeira 21st CenturyIndian
Adam Gertler21st CenturyAssociative
Adeline Grattard21st CenturyFrench/Chinese
Ainsley Harriott20th CenturyIncorporative
Alain Chapel20th CenturyMultifaceted
Alain Ducasse20th CenturySynthesizing
Alain LeNôtre21st CenturyPastry
Alain Passard20th CenturyVersatile
Alain Roby21st CenturyPastry
Alain Senderens20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Albert Roux21st CenturyPastry
Aldo Zilli21st CenturyAssociative
Alex Atala21st CenturySynthesizing
Alexandra Guarnaschelli21st CenturyIntegrative
Alexandra Seelinger21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Alexis Gauthier20th CenturyVersatile
Alice Waters20th CenturyMultifaceted
Alton Brown20th CenturyIntegrative
Alvin Leung21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Amanda Freitag21st CenturyAssociative
Amélie Darvas21st CenturyFrench
Amy Finley21st CenturyIncorporative
Amy Thielen20th CenturyMultifaceted
André Gayot20th CenturySynthesizing
Andreas Viestad20th CenturyVersatile
Andrée Rosier21st CenturyFrench
Andrew Carmellini20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Andrew Zimmern20th CenturyAssociative
Anette Grecchi Gray21st CenturySynthesizing
Angela Hartnett20th CenturyIntegrative
Angelo Ciccone21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Anita Klemensen21st CenturyVersatile
Anita Lo21st CenturyMultifaceted
Anjum Anand21st CenturyIntegrative
Anjum Anand 21st CenturyIndian
Anna Hansen21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Anna Olson21st CenturyPastry
Anna Sgroi21st CenturyAssociative
Annabel Langbein20th CenturyIncorporative
Annabelle White20th CenturyMultifaceted
Anne Boutiaut Poulard20th CenturySynthesizing
Anne Burrell21st CenturyVersatile
Anne Majourel21st CenturyFrench
Anne-Sophie Pic20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Annemarie Huste20th CenturyAssociative
Annie Féolde20th CenturySynthesizing
Annie Lim21st CenturyPastry
Anthony Bourdain20th CenturyIntegrative
Anthony Meyer21st CenturyPastry
Antonio Bachour21st CenturyPastry
Antonio Carluccio20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Antony Worrall Thompson20th CenturyVersatile
April Bloomfield21st CenturyMultifaceted
Art Smith20th CenturyIntegrative
Aurelie Altemaire21st CenturyFrench
Avis DeVoto20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Ayumi Sugiyama21st CenturyFrench
Barbara Figueroa20th CenturyAssociative
Barbara Tropp20th CenturyIncorporative
Beau MacMillan21st CenturyMultifaceted
Ben O'Donoghue21st CenturySynthesizing
Benjamin Sargent21st CenturyVersatile
Bernard Loiseau20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Beulah Levy Ledner21st CenturyPastry
Beverly Kim21st CenturyKorean fusion
Bobby Chinn20th CenturyAssociative
Bobby Flay20th CenturySynthesizing
Brendan Walsh20th CenturyIntegrative
Brian Turner20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Bronwen Weber21st CenturyPastry
Bryan Voltaggio21st CenturyVersatile
Bryant Terry21st CenturyMultifaceted
Bryn Williams20th CenturyIntegrative
Buddy Valastro21st CenturyPastry
Caesar Cardini, inventor of Caesar salad (1924)20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Camilla Parkner21st CenturySwedish
Camille Pailleau21st CenturyFrench
Candace Nelson21st CenturyPastry
Carine Goren21st CenturyPastry
Carla Hall21st CenturyAssociative
Carme Ruscalleda20th CenturyIncorporative
Carmen Ramírez Degollado20th CenturyMultifaceted
Caroline Baum21st CenturySynthesizing
Carrie Nahabedian21st CenturyModern European
Cat Cora21st CenturyVersatile
Catherine Fulvio21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Catherine Healy21st CenturyAssociative
Cecilia Chiang20th CenturySynthesizing
Cédric Grolet21st CenturyPastry
Celia Jiménez21st CenturyIntegrative
Chan Yan-tak20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Charlie Palmer20th CenturyVersatile
Charlie Trotter20th CenturyMultifaceted
Charmaine Solomon20th CenturyIntegrative
Chef Wan20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Chen Kenichi20th CenturyAssociative
Chen Kenichi, son of Chen Kenmin20th CenturyIncorporative
Chen Kenmin20th CenturyMultifaceted
Cheryl Koh21st CenturyPastry
Chiho Kanzaki21st CenturyFrench
Ching He Huang21st CenturySynthesizing
Chris Cosentino21st CenturyVersatile
Chris Santos21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Christian Millau20th CenturyAssociative
Christina Tosi21st CenturySynthesizing
Christine Hà21st CenturyIntegrative
Christopher Kimball20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Chuck Hughes20th CenturyVersatile
Claire Ptak21st CenturyPastry
Claire Robinson20th CenturyMultifaceted
Clare Smyth21st CenturyIntegrative
Claude Troisgros20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Claus Meyer, co-founder of New Danish cuisine21st CenturyAssociative
Colombe Jacobsen21st CenturyIncorporative
Connie Achurra21st CenturyMultifaceted
Conrad Gallagher21st CenturySynthesizing
Craig Claiborne20th CenturyVersatile
Cristina Bowerman21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Curnonsky (Maurice Edmond Sailland)20th CenturyAssociative
Curtis Stone20th CenturySynthesizing
Cyril Lignac20th CenturyIntegrative
Daisy Martinez21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Damaris Phillips21st CenturyVersatile
Dan Barber21st CenturyMultifaceted
Dan Mullane21st CenturyIntegrative
Daniel Boulud20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Daniel Rose21st CenturyAssociative
Danni Barry21st CenturyIncorporative
Danny Bowien21st CenturyMultifaceted
Darin Allen20th CenturySynthesizing
Dave Arnold21st CenturyVersatile
David Bouley20th CenturyAmbidextrous
David Chang21st CenturyAssociative
Debra Ponzek20th CenturySynthesizing
Declan Ryan21st CenturyIntegrative
Delia Smith20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Denis Cotter21st CenturyVersatile
Derry Clarke21st CenturyMultifaceted
Dione Lucas20th CenturyIntegrative
Dominique Ansel21st CenturyPastry
Dominique Crenn21st CenturyFrench
Donal Skehan21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Dorothy Cann Hamilton20th CenturyAssociative
Douce Steiner21st CenturyGerman
Duff Goldman21st CenturyPastry
Dylan McGrath21st CenturyIncorporative
Ed Baines21st CenturyMultifaceted
Edna Lewis20th CenturySynthesizing
Edward Young-min Kwon21st CenturyVersatile
Elena Arzak20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Elijah Joy20th CenturyAssociative
Elizabeth Falkner21st CenturyPastry
Elizabeth Haigh21st CenturySynthesizing
Elka Gilmore20th CenturyIntegrative
Emeril Lagasse20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Emily Luchetti20th CenturyVersatile
Emily Watkins21st CenturyMultifaceted
Emma Bengtsson21st CenturyIntegrative
Enzo Oliveri21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Erchen Chang21st CenturyAssociative
Erez Komarovsky20th CenturyIncorporative
Eric Aubriot21st CenturyMultifaceted
Éric Chavot20th CenturySynthesizing
Éric Ripert20th CenturyVersatile
Erika Bergheim21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Ettore Boiardi20th CenturyAssociative
Eugénie Brazier20th CenturySynthesizing
Fanny Cradock20th CenturyIntegrative
Fanny Rey21st CenturyFrench
Farrokh Khambata21st CenturyIndian
Fernand Point20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Ferran Adrià20th CenturyVersatile
Florence Knight21st CenturyMultifaceted
Florian Bellanger21st CenturyPastry
Floyd Cardoz 21st CenturyIndian
Frances Atkins20th CenturyIntegrative
Francesco Bellissimo21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Francis Mallmann21st CenturyAssociative
Franco Noriega21st CenturyIncorporative
François Payard21st CenturyPastry
Françoise Mutel21st CenturyFrench
Frank Bruni21st CenturyMultifaceted
Frédy Girardet20th CenturySynthesizing
Gael Greene20th CenturyVersatile
Gaggan Anand21st CenturyIndian
Gail Simmons21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Gale Gand21st CenturyPastry
Garima Arora21st CenturyIndian
Gary Rhodes20th CenturyAssociative
Gaston Lenôtre20th CenturySynthesizing
Gennaro Contaldo20th CenturyIntegrative
Geoffrey Zakarian20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Georgianna Hiliadaki21st CenturyContemporary Greek
Ghaya Oliveira21st CenturyPastry
Giada De Laurentiis21st CenturyVersatile
Gianfranco Chiarini21st CenturyMultifaceted
Gordon Ramsay20th CenturyIntegrative
Graham Elliot21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Graham Kerr20th CenturyAssociative
Gregg Wallace20th CenturyIncorporative
Greggy Soriano21st CenturyPastry
Guy Fieri21st CenturyMultifaceted
Guy Savoy20th CenturySynthesizing
Haile Thomas21st CenturyVersatile
Harpal Sokhi21st CenturyIndian
Heidi Bjerkan21st CenturyNorwegian
Helen Corbitt20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Helena Puolakka21st CenturyFrench
Hélène Darroze20th CenturyAssociative
Henri Gault20th CenturySynthesizing
Henri Soulé20th CenturyIntegrative
Heny Sison21st CenturyPastry
Heston Blumenthal, pioneer of Molecular gastronomy20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Hiroyuki Sakai20th CenturyVersatile
Holger Stromberg20th CenturyMultifaceted
Hubert Keller20th CenturyIntegrative
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Ida Bailey Allen20th CenturyAssociative
Iliana Regan21st CenturyNew American
Ina Garten20th CenturyIncorporative
Ingrid Hoffmann20th CenturyMultifaceted
Irma S. Rombauer20th CenturySynthesizing
Jack Bishop20th CenturyVersatile
Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni 21st CenturyIndian
Jacques Pépin20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Jacques Pic20th CenturyAssociative
Jacques Torres20th CenturySynthesizing
Jacquy Pfeiffer21st CenturyPastry
James Beard20th CenturyIntegrative
James Martin20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
James Oseland21st CenturyVersatile
Jamie Bissonnette21st CenturyMultifaceted
Jamie Oliver20th CenturyIntegrative
Jane Butel20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Jay Fai21st CenturyThai street food
Jay Rayner21st CenturyAssociative
Jean Bardet20th CenturyIncorporative
Jean-Christophe Novelli20th CenturyMultifaceted
Jean-Georges Vongerichten20th CenturySynthesizing
Jean-Louis Palladin20th CenturyVersatile
Jean-Philippe Maury21st CenturyPastry
Jean-Robert de Cavel20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Jeff Mauro21st CenturyAssociative
Jeffrey Saad21st CenturySynthesizing
Jeremiah Tower20th CenturyIntegrative
Jerry Traunfeld20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Jessica Largey21st CenturyVersatile
Joan Nathan20th CenturyMultifaceted
Jody Williams21st CenturyIntegrative
Joe Bastianich20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Joël Robuchon20th CenturyAssociative
Joey Altman20th CenturyIncorporative
John Besh20th CenturyMultifaceted
John Folse20th CenturySynthesizing
John Martin Taylor20th CenturyVersatile
John Shields20th CenturyAmbidextrous
John Thorne20th CenturyAssociative
John Torode20th CenturySynthesizing
Johnny Iuzzini21st CenturyPastry
Jonathan Waxman20th CenturyIntegrative
Jordi Roca i Fontané21st CenturyPastry
José Andrés21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Jose Garces21st CenturyVersatile
Joyce Chen20th CenturyMultifaceted
Joyce Goldstein20th CenturyIntegrative
Juan Mari Arzak, founder of New Basque Cuisine20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Judy Rogers20th CenturyAssociative
Julia Child20th CenturyIncorporative
Julia Komp21st CenturyGerman
Julia Sedefdjian21st CenturyFrench
Jun Tanaka21st CenturyMultifaceted
Justin Bogle21st CenturySynthesizing
Justin Warner21st CenturyVersatile
Justin Wilson20th CenturyAmbidextrous
K.N. Vinod21st CenturyIndian
Kamilla Seidler21st CenturyAssociative
Karen Keygnaert21st CenturySynthesizing
Karen MacNeil20th CenturyIntegrative
Karen Martini21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Karina Laval21st CenturyFrench
Kate Williams21st CenturyVersatile
Katell Guillou21st CenturyFrench
Katie Lee21st CenturyMultifaceted
Kei Pilz21st CenturyJapanese
Keith Floyd20th CenturyIntegrative
Kelsey Nixon21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Ken Hom20th CenturyAssociative
Ken Oringer20th CenturyIncorporative
Kenny Atkinson20th CenturyMultifaceted
Kevin Dundon21st CenturySynthesizing
Kevin Sousa21st CenturyVersatile
Kevin Thornton21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Koumei Nakamura20th CenturyAssociative
Kumar Mahadevan 21st CenturyIndian
Kunal Kapur21st CenturyIndian
Kwen Liew21st CenturySynthesizing
Laetitia Cosnier21st CenturyFrench
Laura Calder21st CenturyIntegrative
Laura Frankel20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Léa Linster21st CenturyFrench
Lee Anne Wong21st CenturyVersatile
Lenny McNab21st CenturyMultifaceted
Lidia Bastianich20th CenturyIntegrative
Lillian Elidah21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Lisa Allen21st CenturyBritish
Liya Lin21st CenturyCalifornian
Lois Ellen Frank20th CenturyAssociative
Lorraine Pascale21st CenturyIncorporative
Louis Szathmary20th CenturyMultifaceted
Loyd Grossman20th CenturySynthesizing
Ludo Lefebvre21st CenturyVersatile
Ludovic Lefebvre20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Luisa Marelli Valazza21st CenturyItalian
Luke Thomas21st CenturyAssociative
Lydia Egloff21st CenturyFrench
M.S. Krishna Iyer21st CenturyIndian
Madame Brassart20th CenturySynthesizing
Madhur Jaffrey 21st CenturyIndian
Magnus Nilsson21st CenturyIntegrative
Maida Heatter21st CenturyPastry
Manav Paul21st CenturyIndian
Maneet Chauhan21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Manish Mehrotra21st CenturyIndian
Manju Malhi21st CenturyIndian
Manjunath Mural(21st CenturyIndian
Marc Forgione21st CenturyVersatile
Marc Murphy21st CenturyMultifaceted
Marc Rivière21st CenturyPastry
Marc Veyrat20th CenturyIntegrative
Marcella Hazan20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Marco Pierre White20th CenturyAssociative
Marcus Samuelsson20th CenturyIncorporative
Margot Janse21st CenturyMultifaceted
Marguerite Bise20th CenturySynthesizing
Maria Groβ21st CenturyVersatile
María Marte21st CenturySpanish
Marie Bourgeois21st CenturyFrench
Marie Rougier-Salvat21st CenturyFrench
Mario Batali20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Mark Bittman20th CenturyAssociative
Mark Flanagan21st CenturySynthesizing
Mark Peel20th CenturyIntegrative
Martha Ortiz21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Martha Stewart20th CenturyVersatile
Martie Duncan21st CenturyMultifaceted
Martín Berasategui20th CenturyIntegrative
Martin Blunos20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Martin Hadden20th CenturyAssociative
Martin Yan20th CenturyIncorporative
Mary Ann Esposito20th CenturyMultifaceted
Mary Berry20th CenturySynthesizing
Mary Sue Milliken21st CenturyVersatile
Masaharu Morimoto20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Masahiko Kobe20th CenturyAssociative
Matt Dowling21st CenturySynthesizing
Matt Tebbutt20th CenturyIntegrative
Matthew Kenney20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Mehboob Alam Khan21st CenturyIndian
Melissa d'Arabian21st CenturyVersatile
Melissa Murphy21st CenturyPastry
Melissa Perello21st CenturyModern American
Merrilees Parker20th CenturyMultifaceted
Mi-Ra Thuillant21st CenturyIntegrative
Michael Bolster21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Michael Chiarello20th CenturyAssociative
Michael Ruhlman20th CenturyIncorporative
Michael Symon20th CenturyMultifaceted
Michel Bras20th CenturySynthesizing
Michel Guérard20th CenturyVersatile
Michel Nischan21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Michel Roux21st CenturyPastry
Michel Roux Jr.20th CenturyAssociative
Michele Ragussis21st CenturySynthesizing
Michèle Visciano21st CenturyFrench
Mikael Jonsson21st CenturyIntegrative
Mike Colameco21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Ming Tsai20th CenturyVersatile
Missy Robbins21st CenturyMultifaceted
Miyoko Schinner21st CenturyIntegrative
Mollie Katzen20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Myrtle Allen20th CenturyAssociative
Nadia Giosia21st CenturyIncorporative
Nadia Santini20th CenturyMultifaceted
Nancy Oakes21st CenturyNew American
Nancy Silverton20th CenturySynthesizing
Naoëlle D’Hainaut21st CenturyFrench
Narayana Reddy21st CenturyIndian
Narayanan Krishnan 21st CenturyIndian
Nathan Lyon21st CenturyVersatile
Nelson Wang 21st CenturyIndian
Neven Maguire21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Nicholas Lodge21st CenturyPastry
Nick Stellino21st CenturyAssociative
Nicola Braidwood21st CenturyScottish
Nicole Fagegaltier21st CenturyFrench
Nicole Krasinski21st CenturySynthesizing
Nieves Barragán Mohacho21st CenturyIntegrative
Nigel Slater20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Nigella Lawson20th CenturyVersatile
Niki Nakayama21st CenturyKaiseki
Nikita Gandhi 21st CenturyIndian
Nikki Martin21st CenturyMultifaceted
Nikola Vuković21st CenturyIntegrative
Nilesh Limaye 21st CenturyIndian
Nita Mehta21st CenturyIndian
Nobu Matsuhisa21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Nolwenn Corre21st CenturyFrench
Norman Love21st CenturyPastry
Paolo Tullio21st CenturyAssociative
Pati Jinich21st CenturyIncorporative
Patrick Clark20th CenturyMultifaceted
Patrick Guilbaud21st CenturySynthesizing
Patrick Lin20th CenturyVersatile
Paul Bartolotta20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Paul Bentley20th CenturyAssociative
Paul Bocuse20th CenturySynthesizing
Paul Hollywood21st CenturyIntegrative
Paul Liebrandt20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Paul Prudhomme20th CenturyVersatile
Paul Rankin20th CenturyMultifaceted
Paula Deen21st CenturyIntegrative
Pete Evans21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Peter Hudson and David Halls20th CenturyAssociative
Philippe Conticini21st CenturyPastry
Philippe Etchebest20th CenturyIncorporative
Philippe Rochat20th CenturyMultifaceted
Pichet Ong21st CenturyPastry
Pierre Franey20th CenturySynthesizing
Pierre Gagnaire20th CenturyVersatile
Pierre Hermé21st CenturyPastry
Pierre Koffmann20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Pierre Troisgros20th CenturyAssociative
Pierre Wynants20th CenturySynthesizing
Pim Techamuanvivit21st CenturyThai
Prosper Montagné, author of Larousse Gastronomique(1938)20th CenturyIntegrative
Rachael Ray21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Rachel Allen20th CenturyVersatile
Rachel Humphrey21st CenturyFrench
Rafael Nazario20th CenturyMultifaceted
Rajesh Mazumder21st CenturyIndian
Raji Jallepalli21st CenturyIndian
Ranveer Brar 21st CenturyIndian
Raymond Blanc20th CenturyIntegrative
Raymond Oliver20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Reed Alexander20th CenturyAssociative
Reine Sammut21st CenturyFrench
René Redzepi, co-founder of New Danish cuisine21st CenturyIncorporative
Richard Blais21st CenturyMultifaceted
Richard Corrigan20th CenturySynthesizing
Rick Bayless20th CenturyVersatile
Rick Moonen20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Rick Stein20th CenturyAssociative
Rita Jaima Paru21st CenturySynthesizing
Ritu Dalmia 21st CenturyIndian
Robert Irvine21st CenturyIntegrative
Rocco DiSpirito20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Roger Vergé20th CenturyVersatile
Rokusaburo Michiba20th CenturyMultifaceted
Roland Henin20th CenturyIntegrative
Roland Mesnier21st CenturyPastry
Romy Gill 21st CenturyIndian
Ron Ben-Israel21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Rosa Tschudi21st CenturyFrench
Rose Gray20th CenturyAssociative
Rudolph van Veen21st CenturyPastry
Russ Parsons20th CenturyIncorporative
Rustie Lee20th CenturyMultifaceted
Ruth Reichl20th CenturySynthesizing
Ruth Rogers21st CenturyItalian
S. G. Sender21st CenturyPastry
Saiphin Moore21st CenturyVersatile
Sally Seymour21st CenturyPastry
Salvatore Cuomo21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Samia Ahad21st CenturyAssociative
Sanjay Thumma20th CenturySynthesizing
Sanjeev Kapoor20th CenturyIntegrative
Sanjeev Kapoor 21st CenturyIndian
Sara Moulton20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Sarah Grueneberg21st CenturyVersatile
Sarah Henke21st CenturyMultifaceted
Saransh Goila 21st CenturyIndian
Scott Conant21st CenturyIntegrative
Sean Brock21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Sean Sherman21st CenturyAssociative
Sébastien Canonne21st CenturyPastry
Seiji Yamamoto21st CenturyIncorporative
Selin Kiazim21st CenturyMultifaceted
Shane Lyons21st CenturySynthesizing
Sharon Frannais21st CenturyFrench
Shauna Anderson21st CenturyVersatile
Shayne Greenman21st CenturyPastry
Shazia Khan21st CenturyIndian
Shelley Cerneant21st CenturyAmerican
Shipra Khanna 21st CenturyIndian
Shonali Sabherwal21st CenturyIndian
Simon Rimmer21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Simone Beck20th CenturyAssociative
Skye Gyngell20th CenturySynthesizing
Sophie Bise21st CenturyFrench
Sophie Wright21st CenturyIntegrative
Stacey Poon-Kinney21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Stéphanie Le Quellec21st CenturyFrench
Stephen Terry20th CenturyVersatile
Stephen Yan20th CenturyMultifaceted
Steven Raichlen20th CenturyIntegrative
Sue Torres21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Sunny Anderson21st CenturyAssociative
Surjan Singh Jolly21st CenturyIndian
Susan E. Morrison21st CenturyPastry
Susan Feniger20th CenturyIncorporative
Susur Lee20th CenturyMultifaceted
Suvir Saran21st CenturyIndian
Suzette Gresham21st CenturySynthesizing
Tamara Murphy20th CenturyVersatile
Tanja Grandits21st CenturyGerman
Tanya Holland21st CenturyAmbidextrous
Tariq Hanna21st CenturyPastry
Tarla Dalal 21st CenturyIndian
Ted Allen21st CenturyAssociative
Tessa Bramley21st CenturySynthesizing
Tetsuya Wakuda20th CenturyIntegrative
Thierry Laborde21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Thomas Keller20th CenturyVersatile
Tiffany Derry21st CenturyMultifaceted
Titti Qvarnström21st CenturyIntegrative
Todd English20th CenturyInterdisciplinary
Tokuzo Akiyama20th CenturyAssociative
Tom Colicchio21st CenturyIncorporative
Tom Kerridge21st CenturyMultifaceted
Tommy Tang20th CenturySynthesizing
Toni Fiore21st CenturyVersatile
Toshiro Kandagawa20th CenturyAmbidextrous
Traci Des Jardins20th CenturyAssociative
Troisgros family20th CenturySynthesizing
Tyler Florence20th CenturyIntegrative
Ulrike Stoebe21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Valentine Warner21st CenturyVersatile
Vicky Lau21st CenturyMultifaceted
Vikas Khanna 21st CenturyIndian
Vikram Sunderam 21st CenturyIndian
Vineet Bhatia21st CenturyIndian
Virginie Basselot21st CenturyFrench
Virginie Giboire21st CenturyFrench
Vishwesh Bhatt 21st CenturyIndian
Vivek Singh21st CenturyIntegrative
Vivek Singh 21st CenturyIndian
Wayne Harley Brachman21st CenturyPastry
Wendy Rahamut21st CenturyInterdisciplinary
Willem Berkhoff21st CenturyPastry
William Jose21st CenturyIndian
William Yosses21st CenturyPastry
Wolfgang Puck20th CenturyAssociative
Wylie Dufresne20th CenturyIncorporative
Yianni Papoutsis21st CenturyMultifaceted
Yutaka Ishinabe20th CenturySynthesizing
Yvan Lemoine21st CenturyVersatile
Yves Thuriès21st CenturyPastry
Zonya Foco20th CenturyAmbidextrous
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