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Planning an event?

We know exactly what you need to make it special! 

There is no better way to engage your guests than a custom one-of-a-kind selfie station.

We create unforgettable photographic memories that will gain exposure, increase engagement, and provide an absolute return on investment through indirect marketing.

Statistics show that nearly 100% of all selfies are shared at some point.

And if your company or event is on social media, a selfie station can be instrumental in increasing brand marketing without incurring unnecessary expense.

Work with us to develop a special brand-enhancing selfie station and create a plan that ensures all of your event goals are achieved.

Contact us for questions or to create your experience now.


Got A Special Theme?

Our team of inspired event designers will work with you and your event staff throughout the entire process.

Hire SEG and let us build your immersive selfie experience from start to finish, or pick and choose what part of the process you need help with.

We are capable of handle everything from selecting the theme, creating a story-board, setting up, sourcing materials, providing the photographer (or photo booth), and tearing down post-event.

Use the form to the left to help us determine the scope of your special project.


The more special a memory is, the more likely someone is to share it and the longer they will remember it.

Make your event the most memorable it can be and create an unforgettable selfie experience today.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. 

A selfie experience doesn’t have to be part of an event. Selfie museums can also be a stand-alone event too.

Some larger corporate clients use these immersive photo opportunities for their team. 

Use a special selfie exhibit to market your brand or property, but also to provide a significant boost to morale. 

Anytime you elevate the collective morale of your staff you will immediately see an increase in productivity and retention. 


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