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We work with a diverse roster of high-end tribute and original entertainers

This unique collection of top-tier performers is unparalleled. We tailor live entertainment packages for casinos, private parties, banquets, VIP events, and more. If you have enough space, and a fair offer, we have the perfect artist or bundle of acts for you.

Hiring one of the tribute entertainers below is the best way to control your venue’s expenses, elevate your brand, balance your entertainment program’s risk all while increasing profitability.

These talented tribute acts sound and perform just like the bands they cover.

The bands below are working twice as hard as the average garage band trying to simulate anything close to this caliber of talent.

Hire An Affordable World-Class Tribute Band In 3 Steps:

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The Led Zeppelin Tribute Band - No Quarter

Hell’s Belles

ACDC Tribute



Angus approved ACDC tribute – Hell’s Belles is the all-female tribute band that has been touring for 20 years.

Hell’s Belles puts on a show that is the perfect balance of appealing theatricality and true musical talent from rock & roll legends ACDC.

These ladies perfectly re-create an amazing and unforgettable live experience every time.



The Led Zeppelin Tribute Band - No Quarter

No Quarter

Led Zeppelin Tribute



No Quarter respectably pays homage to the Mythological Hall Of Fame Rock Gods – Led Zeppelin.

This show is the perfect balance of theatricality and true musical talent from rock & roll experts who perfectly re-create a legendary and unforgettable live experience every time.




Whipped Cream

Herb Alpert Tribute



Whipped Cream authentically re-creates the amazing sound of Herb Alpert & the TJB during the ’60s-’70s.

This action-packed show features your favorite hits and is guaranteed to delight your guests.

Bear witness to an unforgettable night of splendor and enjoy the perfect event dedicated to creator, innovator, and philanthropist Herb Alpert.

The First Original Beatles Tribute Band

Beatlemania 64

The Beatles Tribute



An exciting night of non-stop rock & roll. Beatlemania 64 is the first – original tribute to the most influential English rock band of all time, The Beatles. Witness a reenactment of historical performances the way they were performed 50 years ago.

Beatlemania 64 slays the hits you know and love from the Beatles touring years and beyond.

Indulge as Beatlemania 64 covers everything from “I Want To Hold Your Hand” to album favorites like “Nowhere Man”, and “In My Life”.

Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Experience Ellison

Jimi Hendrix Tribute



A mind-blowing and truly unforgettable experience paying tribute to the most iconic rock and roll guitar player of all time, Jimi Hendrix.

Take pleasure in the showmanship and celebrate the music the way Jimi would have wanted you to.

Experience Ellison is an international Hendricks tribute sensation with local roots in Seattle WA like Young Jimi.

Soundgarden Tribute Band


Soundgarden Tribute 



Outshined is a Seattle based band that pays homage to the late Chris Cornell by covering all of the classics from each of the Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, and Audioslave albums.

Earwitness the highest caliber of tribute musicians anywhere as Outshined tears the house down with tracks like “Black Whole Sun”, “Rusty Cage” and more with precision.

Janis Joplin Tribute

Janis Lives

Janis Joplin Tribute



Janis Lives is a chic immersive and provocative live concert journey that celebrates the music from Janis Joplin.

Relive a magical performance that genuinely captures Janis Joplin’s larger than life theatrics and powerhouse vocal prowess on stage.

This is the closest anyone will ever get to accurately performing, singing, or channeling the essence of Janis Joplin. 

Alice In Chains Tribute Band

Jar Of Flies

Alice In Chains Tribute



Jar Of Flies supplies heavy metal riffs, psychotic instrumental textures, and unique blended harmonies to create the evocative and misguided sound that propelled AIC to the forefront of Seattle’s early rock scene.

No other man, woman, or group of individuals could even attempt to outperform the most well-known Alice In Chains Tribute band, Jar of Flies. 

So please do not try. 

Bon Jovi Tribute Band


Bon Jovi Tribute



Non-Jovi is the leading Bon Jovie tribute band.

This perfectly dynamic interpretation embodies the music, spirit, and live show of Bon Jovi.

Never before has a tribute band sounded so close to the real thing.

After hearing their performance live, there’s no doubt you’ll be singing “Have a Nice Day”, “Always”, and “Wanted Dead Or Alive” in the car on the way home.

Non-Jovi’s authentic, high energy set spans the entire Bon Jovi catalog and covers all of the arena rock legends top hits.

Tom Petty Tribute Band - Petty Thief

Petty Thief

Tom Petty Tribute



Nobody plays Tom Petty like Petty Thief.

Known worldwide as the most authentic Tom Petty Tribute band, Petty Thief delivers flawlessly every time.

No gimmicks. Just accurate high-quality tribute music that celebrates the late American rock icon.

This first-rate production is the most accurate representation of the music created by Rock Hall of Fame musician, Tom Petty.

Neil Young Tribute Band

The Neil Youngs

Neil Young Tribute



Revel in the Harvest Moon as you enjoy a tribute to the Canadian American Legend known for his Crazy lyrics and progressive activism.

The Neil Youngs & the Harvest Moon Band perfectly personifies the music, emotion, and message of Neil Young in the ’60s.



Journey Tribute Band - The Infinity project

The Infinity Project 

Journey tribute



The Infinity Project is the only original Journey tribute band in the world.

Enjoy tone-accurate high octave vocals the way Steve intended them to be heard. No other Journey tribute band compares to The Infinity Project’s musical precision.


Queen Tribute Band

Epic Queen

Queen Tribute



Unveil an unforgettable evening unlike any other with this ultimate Epic-Queen commemoration.

Rhapsodize as the remarkable unmatched vocal strength of Lance McKay (Fred Mercury) fuses seamlessly with spectacular lights and Epic Queen’s faultless sound in one Epic show.

Escape reality and take pleasure in the perfect blend of theatricality and Freddie’s balletic movements on stage – in real life.

Epic Queen is the only Seattle based Queen tribute band that plays regionally, internationally, and worldwide.


Scorpions Tribute Band

Second Sting

Scorpions Tribute



Second Sting is the ultimate Scorpions tribute band!

Explosive, high octane, powerful, these are only a few of the words that come to mind after experiencing a Second Sting performance live, for the first time. 


What is a tribute singer?

A tribute singer recreates the music of a famous band or lead singer usually in a live performance.

Do Tribute Acts Pay For Their Own Flights?

Sometimes tribute entertainers will pay for their own flight. It all depends on the offer, destination, and deal points.

How Many Different Types Of Tribute Acts Are There?

There are countless different types of tribute entertainment such as; comedians, musicians, bands, magicians, actors, and more.

Can I choose The Songs On The Tribute Band’s Setlist

Not always, but yes, sometimes you can select some of the songs for the tribute artist’s setlist.

What Tribute Bands Work Best In Casinos?

Tribal Casinos usually attract an older concert crowd that is interested in older bands like, ABBA, Pink Floyd, and/or Led Zeppelin.

Are Tribute Bands And Legacy Bands The Same Thing?

Yes, a tribute band is the same thing as a legacy or heritage act.

Are Tribute Bands Really Profitable?

Yes, all tribute bands can be profitable in the right setting. A good act can generate $25,000 in ticket sakes.

What Is The Difference Between A tribute And A Cover Band

A tribute band covers a single musician’s catalog of music. Whereas a cover band plays a variety of different groups or band’s songs.

Will The Tribute Performance Be Licensed?

All Tribute performances are Covered under Your Ascap and BMI Licensing agreements. Be sure to review the license rate sheet before booking tribute.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Band At A Casino?

Depending on the production capabilities, a decent tribute band will cost $10,000 or more at a given casino.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A tribute Band?

For out-of-state gigs, it is not uncommon for a tribute band to charge upwards of $7,500 to $17,500.

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