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Beatlemania 64 | The Beatles Tribute Band

Herb Alpert Tribute Band - Whipped Cream

Help! Need Some Beatles?

Beatlemania 64 is a once in a lifetime immersive concert experience. Each mind-blowing performance is guaranteed to transport you back in time.

Only this eventful celebration of artful precision, unerring accuracy, and theatricality could accurately recreate the musical genius of the Beatles.

Relive the Mania Years without missing a beat!

Contact an SEG rep today, and hire the tribute band of your dreams.





Beatlemania 64

Undoubtedly, this is the best Beatles tribute entertainment money can buy, period. 

Our entertainers are trained professionals who have taken their craft to the next level and beyond.

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A Hard Day's Night

by Original Artists: The Beatles - | Remake Produced By Beatlemania 64 The Beatles Tribute Band

Beatlemania 64 – Retro Gallery

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