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May 18, 2021

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At one point you could book Hell’s Belles at your casino for cheap. Nowadays, they are commanding some real money at the $12,000 – $15,000 price point in a 1,000 seat casino venue. Now, to be fair, they will sell around $20,000 to $25,000 in tickets (unless you are comp heavy) in your typical rock market. So it is still worth booking in my opinion. Now, people really enjoy this group because of the novelty, high energy, and of course Adrian (who plays Angus)  – the lead guitarist. 

The band appeals to rockers and casino gamers of all ages. Did I mention they produce upwards of $15,000 in bar sales alone? Of course, results may vary, but generally speaking, the venue’s bar will be very busy the night of the concert should you decide to hire these gals. I would take precautions before booking them yourself, however. Once you overpay for a group from any major or minor talent agency, that is the price you will pay for life, unless they raise the price even further due to demand. Either way, it is best to work with a seasoned tribute band talent buyer to avoid overpaying. Sometimes, connecting with other venues can be beneficial as well. You don’t have to actually hire an outside entity if you have the time, resources, and know-how to execute a sustainable entertainment deal. 

For the most part though, if anyone is trying to get you to pay more than $20,000 for a tribute, you may want to reconsider the group. The exception being those times where the tribute band actually has a former member of the band from the original group starring in said tribute band. Those are usually presented a bit differently though and make it easier to sell/recoup the upfront investment. Most of the time the title of the group will read something like this; The Orchestra” feat. Mik Kaminski and Louis Clark. This spin/tribute off the popular band ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). These kinds of tributes can garner anywhere from $20,000 – $35,000 or more depending on the equity the stars embody. Sometimes that kind of money is worth it, other times it makes more sense to just spend another $20,000 and hire a true headliner like Brett Michaels for $40,000  or so. 


The sad truth is, most tribal casinos don’t know that they are paying more than the theatre down the road. In fact, on average a tribal casino will be pitched the same act as a theatre but at a markup of roughly 30-50% higher. For those of us that do know we are being over-quoted, we simply walk away from the deal or negotiate a proper price. In a casino setting, no act is worth overpaying if you cannot make your money back in ticket sales after your comps are issued. That is what I call “Vanity Booking”. You can use that term if you want. That’s where a tribe or casino venue gets so caught up in the glamorous parts of booking an act or tribute entertainer that they forget about the business element. It happens to even the best of us. A big name goes a long way for your brand, but the name will lose its luster if you aren’t making money by selling the artist’s tickets. It all starts with proper ticket scaling though. If your tickets are similar to the market value from other venues, and you are breaking even after you retain the ticket fees, then you probably have a fair quote. If you are having to sell $90 tickets to Brett Michaels to break even after comps and before any hypothetical gaming revenue is considered, you may want to walk away from the deal.

It’s strange, but nobody knows why the agents are gouging tribal casinos. Some will claim it’s because of all the money the concertgoers spend on the floor after or before the show. But the reality is, the hypothetical money being spent isn’t guaranteed, the average concert-goer doesn’t blow substantial amounts of money gambling and there is no way to truly quantify any players’ revenue on the concert day as true incremental gaming revenue. 

What is more likely is your VIPs are just skipping a day earlier in the week so they can have money to spend on the day of the show. 

Altering a common gambler’s behavior is extremely difficult with regards to driving incremental revenue. It is almost impossible in many cases. See, gamblers are superstitious. They believe Fridays are luckier than Tuesdays or Mondays and so on. To be clear, I am not saying a gambler will avoid the casino because you are having a show on Saturday versus their lucky day on Tuesday. What I am saying is that if they decide to attend the show, they will probably skip their routine Friday at the casino and just use the same money they would have spent on the night of the concert. 

If you don’t believe me, take a look at your typical VIP’s ADT (average daily theoretical win) over the course of three weeks in two different scenarios. Make sure one scenario (scenario A) has at least one week with a concert and compare their play to Scenario B that doesn’t have a concert to determine if the money they did or didn’t spend on the night of the show caused their overall coin in or ADT to elevate. Chances are that you will find it is that you have cannibalized that player’s play and just moved it to another day. This isn’t a bad thing, it is just one of the facts you should consider when building your program. It is also why I encourage all casino owners, CEOs, and executives to only count your projected and actual ticket sales. I mean, that is how all other concert venues perform. They don’t rob Peter to pay Paul. Meaning The Paramount Theatre in Seattle isn’t going to lose money on ticket sales to hopefully make it up on concessions sales. Lastly, don’t over-comp your venue. If the show doesn’t sell out, let the band play to a half-empty room. Your guests will avoid buying tickets later if they know you are going to just give them away for free. And it won’t be long before the tickets will lose their perceived value. Then you will be in an even worse position and will probably lose $1million or more a year in your entertainment program depending on your budget.


Gaming revenue should always be considered separately. Furthermore, no agent should be bellying up to pitch you an act at an inflated rate just because you might make some money on the casino floor if all things go right, the show sells out and the stars align. The bottom line is, tribal casinos have kept legacy bands and tributes alive. And unfortunately, beguiling talent buyers are making a killing of venues who are new or are misinformed about the prices for a given act. 

Ultimately, if your tribal casino is losing money after each concert and you are constantly looking at your gaming revenue to try and justify the entertainment budget, something is wrong. This is not how other venues operate and it isn’t sustainable. Call us today if you want to discuss accurate national or tribute band pricing, ticketing strategies, and/or need help with talent buying. Casino entertainment is the newest entertainment segment in the industry and if you are trying to avoid a million-dollar-plus deficit at the end of the year, contact Seattle Talent Buying today.


Feel free to use our tribute band directory below to peruse some of the more successful tribute acts in the casino industry. These bands are the most profitable. It doesn’t usually matter how well known a group is in the tribute world. What matters most is that they look, feel and sound good at the performance. We have vetted the groups below to ensure just that.

  • If you have a band to add to this list, send them our way. We just need their name, the act the cover, and their last given price point for a 1,000 seat room.
  • If you have a more accurate price point for the gig they performed at your venue, send it our way and we will add it to the tribute band directory.

We are always updating this list and it is nowhere near being done. We are aiming for 5,000 to 10,000 names and price points, so bear with us as we continue to add the data we have and are amassing. 

Tribute Band Name Of Original Price
Only One Direction One Direction 15500
The Buggs Beatles7500
The RutlesBeatles12500
Pink Fraud Pink Floyd13500
Lazer FloydPink Floyd15500
Brit Floyd Pink Floyd12500
Björn AgainABBA17500
Arrival From Sweden ABBA17500
Dancing Dream ABBA17500
ABBA Tribute ShowABBA17500
Best Of Show ABBA17500
ABBA Arrival ABBA17500
Blooze Brothers Blues Brothers 9500
Blues Brother Blues Brothers 9500
Birmingham Blues BrothersBlues Brothers 15500
Tribute To The Blues BrothersBlues Brothers 35500
Soul BrotherBlues Brothers 17500
The Soul Brothers Blues Brothers 15500
Soul Men Band Blues Brothers 15500
Briefcase BluesBlues Brothers 12500
The Blues Brothers Tribute Blues Brothers 12500
The Chicago GrooversBlues Brothers 15500
Beatlemania 64 Beatles9500
ACD/She - All Female TributeACDC13500
Hell's BellsACDC15500
The Police Exeperience The Police 13500
The Sting Police The Police 8500
Stung Ploice The Police 8500
Police Force The Police 12500
The Police AcademyThe Police 10500
Lotus Land RUSH13500
The Rush Tribute Project RUSH15500
The Rush Tribute BandRUSH8500
PriMadonnaMadonna 13450
Into The Groove Madonna 10500
Madonna - All Male Tribute Madonna 9500
Blonde Ambition Madonna 9500
The Trooper Iron Maiden7500
Iron Maidens - All Female TributeIron Maiden8500
Up The Irons Iron Maiden7500
Aces High Iron Maiden7000
Letz ZepLed Zeppelin 15500
KASHMIRLed Zeppelin 13500
Led ZepplicaLed Zeppelin 8500
No Quarter Led Zeppelin 15500
ZosoLed Zeppelin 10500
Get The Led OutLed Zeppelin 13500
Led Zeppelin 2Led Zeppelin 15500
Swan Song Led Zeppelin 13500
Saturday Night Special Band Lynyrd Skynyrd14250
Tuesday's GoneLynyrd Skynyrd10250
Dread Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 15500
The Fab FauxBeatles15500
Purple ReignPrince12550
Cold Hard Cash Johnny Cash 13450
Mr BrownstoneGuns N' Roses 12250
Super DiamondNeil Diamond13450
The AllstarzJames Brown 12250
PurpendicularDeep Purple27350
Space OddityDavid Bowie 15250
The Band That Bell Fell To Earth David Bowie 7500
David Bowie Tribute Show David Bowie 12255
A Night Of BowieDavid Bowie 7500
Dance MomsDavid Bowie 12255
The Purple OnesPrince 12200
Prince Night Prince 12200
Cash Johnny Cash 15250
Man In Black Johnny Cash 7500
Shawn BarkerJohnny Cash 12255
Forever JohnnyJohnny Cash 7500
Muffin Men Frank Zappa9500
Blonde Jovi - All Female TributeBon Jovi 9500
Non Jovi Bon Jovi 8000
Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi 9500
Wanted Bon Jovi 12500
Living On A Bad NameBon Jovi 8500
HomeBon Jovi 6500
Runaway GinPhish 11750
Devided Sky Phish 15250
Chum Phish 7500
The LizardsPhish 12255
The Lawn Boys Phish 15500
Dead Beat Grateful Dead7500
Gratefully YoursGrateful Dead9500
Uncle John's Band Grateful Dead9500
DeadicatedGrateful Dead8000
Friends Play DeadGrateful Dead9500
Let It GrowGrateful Dead9500
Break On Through The Doors 15500
LA WomanThe Doors 7500
Light My Fire The Doors 9500
The Doors In Concert The Doors 9500
Riders On The StormThe Doors 8000
The Doors Alive The Doors 9500
Bat Sabbath Black Sabbath 9000
Joanne Joann - All Female TributeDuran Duran 11250
The Last Waltz EnsembleBob Dylan8500
The CureheadsThe Cure8500
The CuredThe Cure8500
ObscureThe Cure9000
Four Imaginary BoysThe Cure8500
The New Fools Bob Dylan12250
Bob Dylan Tribute Bob Dylan9500
Jack Of HeartsBob Dylan13500
Tangled Up In Blue Bob Dylan12250
The Book Of GenesisGenesis9750
Behind The Lines Genesis14250
Genesis Tribute Genesis12250
The Musical BoxGenesis13500
Mini Kiss - Little Person Band KISS15500
Zepparella - All Female Tribute Led Zeppelin 9750
KISS ForeverKISS12250
God's Of Thunder KISS8500
KISS This KISS9500
Dressed To Thrill KISS11250
KISS ME - All Female TributeKISS11250
Apocalyptica - CellistsMetallica9500
No Way SisOasis9500
The MachinePink Floyd12500
Pink Lady Pink Babies11500
God Save The Queen Queen 9500
One Night Of Queen Queen 12250
Queen ExtravaganzaQueen 9500
Epic Queen Queen 10250
The Osaka RamonesRamones9500
The RemainzRamones12500
The Rolling Stones ExperienceRolling Stones 12250
The StonesRolling Stones 9500
Classic Stones Rolling Stones 10250
Gimme ShelterRolling Stones 9500
Mick Adams and The StonesRolling Stones 12500
The SmythsThe Smiths8000
The Smiths Ltd The Smiths9500
The Sons & Heirs The Smiths10250
Tribute To George Straight George Straight 9500
George Straight ExperienceGeorge Straight 12250
Sugarland George Straight 9500
The Whodlums The Who 7500
Zappa Plays Zappa Frank Zappa11250
Badfish Sublime 9000
Asep Stone Jimi Hendrix12500
The Ellison ExperienceJimi Hendrix11250
Gimmie HendrixJimi Hendrix7500
Kiss The Sky Jimi Hendrix7500
David KidsTom Jones7000
Simon Howard Tom Jones9000
tom-TasticTom Jones8500
Jar Of FLiesAlice In Chains 9750
OUTSHINEDSoundgarden 9750
Me and Mr Jones Amy Winehouse 7500
Cody Ray SlaughterElvis 12500
Ultimate Elvis TributeElvis 11250
Nervana Nirvana8900
Smells Like NirvanaNirvana7500
Let's Groove Tonight Earth Wind & Fire11000
SeptemberEarth Wind & Fire8500
Janis Lives Janis Joplin 9000
Petty Thief Tom Petty 7500
RefugeeTom Petty 9000
Petty Theft Tom Petty 12500
Practically PettyTom Petty 9000
The Neil YoungsNeil Young8000
Harvest Moon Neil Young12500
Broken ArrowNeil Young9500
Gold Rush Neil Young8500
Crowded StreetsDave Mathews9000
Start Making SenseTalking Heads 7500
Sad Wings Judas Priest 7500
Ordinary BOYSThe Smiths 8000
Crush Dave Mathews 6500
The Dave Mathews Tribute BandDave Mathews 8000
WarehouseDave Mathews 7500
Big Eyed PhishDave Mathews 7500
Trippin BilliesDave Mathews 7500
Just Like PriestJudas Priest 8000
Judas X Judas Priest 6500
UnleashedJudas Priest 6501
Start Making SenseTalking Heads 7500
This Must Be The BandTalking Heads 7500
HeartByrneTalking Heads 8000
Only DreamsWeezer7500
We Ain't No Weezer TributeWeezer7500
Island Inn The SunWeezer7500
Celebration Day Band Led Zeppelin 7500
Stella Blue's Band Grateful Dead5000
River Of Dreams Billy Joel 4500
A Dokken Tribute Dokken 4500
Rebel Yell Billy Idol7500
Idol XBilly Idol8000
Generation IdolBilly Idol7500
IdolizedBilly Idol8000
Dr. CrueMotley Crue4000
Motley Inc.Motley Crue4500
Shout at the DevilMotley Crue4500
The CrueMotley Crue4500
The Fooz FightersFoo Fighters5000
Learn To Fly Foo Fighters4500
Deja Foo Foo Fighters5000
Head GamesForeigner4500
Double VisionForeigner4500
Cold As IceForeigner7500
Eaglemania Eagles 7500
The Eagles ExperienceEagles 9500
Eagle EyesEagles 8500
Hotel California Eagles 12500
On The Border Eagles 7500
Garth Brooks Garth Brooks 8000
Garth Live Garth Brooks 7500
The Garth Guy Show Garth Brooks 9500
Fresh HorsesGarth Brooks 8500
Eric Church TributeEric Church 7500
All Churched Up Eric Church 8000
Chief Eric Church 7500
Ultimate Aldean Jason Aldean9500
Jason Aldean Tribute Band Jason Aldean8500
Like CombsLuke Combs8500
Luke Combs ExperienceLuke Combs8500
TUSKFleetwood Mac8500
RumorsFleetwood Mac7500
GypsyFleetwood Mac8000
Dreams Fleetwood Mac7500
Blake Nation Blake Shelton7000
Austin Blake Shelton7000
Alan Jacskon Tribute - Doug BrewinAlan Jackson 9500
Almost AlanAlan Jackson 7000
Beer For My Horses Toby Keith 8500
Let's Have A Party Toby Keith 7500
Made In AmericaToby Keith 8000
All My Rowdy FriendsHank Williams7500
Born To BoogyHank Williams7500
Hank Williams Jr. Tribute BandHank Williams7500
Ultimate Aldean Jason Aldean 7800
Jason Aldean Tribute Band Jason Aldean 7800
Play It Again Luke Bryan 6500
The GamblerKenny Rogers7000
Taylor Swift Tribute by Katy Ellis Taylor Swift 9000
Twist On Taylor Taylor Swift 7500
Taylor Swift Tribute ExperienceTaylor Swift 7500
Taylor Swift Tribute - Sarah Jessica Taylor Swift 7500
Urban Skies Keith Urban 6500
Ultimate Urban Keith Urban 9000
Days Go ByKeith Urban 7500
Dixie Darlins Dixie Chicks 6500
Dixie ChickletsDixie Chicks 9000
Travelin Soldier Dixie Chicks 7500
Pirate Flag Kenny Chesney 6500
Kenny Chesney Band From Florida Kenny Chesney 9000
No Shoes Nation Kenny Chesney 7500
True Willie Willie Nelson 8500
Willie Nelson Tribute Band Willie Nelson 8500
Full Nelson Willie Nelson 7500
Fun Nelson Willie Nelson 8000
Blown Away Carrie Underwood 9000
Ultimate Carrie Underwood TributeCarrie Underwood 7500
Gunpowder and Lead Miranda Lambert 8500
Revolution Miranda Lambert 2500
Pearl Jam AlivePearl Jam8000
Washed In Black Pearl Jam9000
Pearl JammPearl Jam7500
The Ten Band Pearl Jam8500
Aeromyth Aerosmith 7500
Pandora's Box Aerosmith 7500
Draw The Line Aerosmith 7500
LegzzZZ Top 8500
Tres Hombres ZZ Top 9000
ZZ KCZZ Top 7500
La GrangeZZ Top 7500
Sharp Dressed ManZZ Top 5000
The Who Show The Who 7000
The Who Invasion The Who 7000
HysteriaDef Leppard7500
PyromaniaDef Leppard7500
Ultimate Def Leapord ExperienceDef Leppard7500
All Day And All Of The Night The Kinks 6500
The Kinks Tribute Band The Kinks 6500
KinkedThe Kinks 6500
The Kopycat KillersThe Killers8500
The FillersThe Killers9000
Ultimate KillersThe Killers7500
Liveplay Coldplay 7800
ColdplaceColdplay 6500
Ultimate Coldplay Tribute Coldplay 7000
42 Coldplay Tribute Coldplay 3500
DriveCars 4500
The TrucksCars 4500
Touch And Go Cars 4500
Savor The Band Santana4500
Abraxas Ultimate Santana TributeSantana4500
Jingo Santana4500
Bless The RainsTOTO5000
So Toto TOTO5000
Heart By Heart Heart3500
Pure Heart Band Heart4500
Back In Time Huey Lewis & The News7500
Grand IllusionStyx7500
Rockin' The ParadiseStyx7500
Borrowed TimeStyx7500
Pete LoafMeat Loaf6500
All Reved UpMeat Loaf6500
Anything For LoveMeat Loaf6500
Cover BoyLoverboy6500
Working For The WeekendLoverboy6500
Turn Me LooseLoverboy6500
Definitely OasisOasis7000
The Red Not CHilli PeppersRed Hot Chilli Peppers8000
Funky Monks Red Hot Chilli Peppers11000
CarolinacationRed Hot Chilli Peppers7000
Vag Halen - All Female TributeVan Halen 7000
Completely UnchainedVan Halen 7000
Romeo DelightVan Halen 7000
Amy HousewineAmy Winehouse7000
Amy's HouseAmy Winehouse7000
Earth, Wind For HireEarth Wind & Fire7000
ElementsEarth Wind & Fire5500
Stealing DanStealy Dan8500
Dirty LogicStealy Dan7500
Hey NineteenStealy Dan7500
Hollywood U2U28500
Unforgetable FireU27500
Cheap Chick - All Female TributeCheap Trick9166.6666666667
Dream PoliceCheap Trick10166.666666667
A Tribute To Cheap Trick!Cheap Trick11166.666666667
Big Dick Little Richard 5500
Little Richard TributeLittle Richard 5500
Dig Woman High Barry Manilow5500
The Ultimate Barry Manilow TributeBarry Manilow5500
Almost ManilowBarry Manilow5500
Stand Coal Neil Diamond5500
Revula - All Female TributeBeatles8500
Sweety Glitter Gary Glitter7500
Neirly DiamondNeil Diamond5500
Dirty Harry Blondie6500
Bootleg Blondie Blondie6500
Glass Of HeartsBlondie6500
Elton Jack Elton John5500
Elton LiveElton John8500
Beyond The Yellow Brick RoadElton John7500
Doll PartsHole5500
Hole In Your SoleHole6500
My HoleHole6500
Above Average White BandAverage White Band6500
Striking MatchesAverage White Band6500
Practically Hip Tragically Hip 6000
The Strictly HipTragically Hip 6000
The Fabulously RichTragically Hip 6000
Dead Letter OfficeREM6000
Chronic TownREM5000
Rock LobsterB-52's5000
Planet ClaireB-52's6250
The Re-52'sB-52's6250
The MisfatsThe Misfits6250
Hell On EarthThe Misfits6250
MosfetsThe Misfits5000
MyberriesThe Cranberries6500
MalarkyThe Cranberries6500
DreamsThe Cranberries6500
No DuhNo Doubt6500
Excuse MeNo Doubt6500
Without A DoubtNo Doubt6500
Crackerman Stone Temple Pilots5000
Naked SundayStone Temple Pilots5500
Lounge Fly Stone Temple Pilots5500
The Tracy Chapman Tribute Band Tracey Chapman5000
Fast Car Tracey Chapman5000
Twisted ForeverTwisted Sister5000
Twisted SistaTwisted Sister5000
DestroyerTwisted Sister5000
Whipped Cream Herb Alpert15500
Chris Collins & Boulder CanyonJohn Denver5500
Jim Curry Music John Denver5500
John Denver Tribute Concert John Denver5500
1977The Clash6500
Straight To HellThe Clash6500
Burning LondonThe Clash6500


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